Hubert Ingraham has allowed this final deathblow to Bahamians

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Eileen Carron

Eileen Carron/Tribune Publisher

Hubert, this time you’ve gone too far! With The Tribune essentially buying the media and The Government, it is now time for war. If ever there was a real reason for all of ‘us,’ who are not a part of ‘them,’ to join forces to fight this war of being sold out to The Tribune, recent events dictate that this is it—The Tribune now owning The Guardian, four radio stations, promised a television license, owning shares in Cable Bahamas and SRG, the wireless company capable of offering telephone services!

Most persons should be astounded and angry as hell that a Government would allow one daily newspaper to buy control of another daily newspaper in a country as small as The Bahamas and a country that is controlled, managed and manipulated solely by politics. When an entity has control of The Bahamian media, it in effect has control of The Government. It can protect a Government against a public suffering abuse from the powerful, by not giving out information, disseminating misinformation, engaging in selective dissemination or engaging in cover-ups! Simply put, an entity in control of the media can turn average public opinion any which way it wants—because if you can’t get your experiences out to the wider public, you are forced to suffer in silence, or suffer from your experiences being exaggerated or downplayed because of the-word-of-mouth-grapevine. That is the reality of Bahamian life. If this was anywhere else, this diabolical arrangement would be a recipe for ‘cut ass’ everyday for Eileen Carron, Hubert Ingraham and anybody that even remotely looks like them! But this is The Bahamas and the Tribune is in control—for now.

And when one adds to that the fact that Hubert Ingraham appointed Arthur Foulkes as head of Bahamas Information Services (BIS), and Foulkes’ lap-dog relationship to The Tribune—The Tribune then owns it all, the media, The Government, the people and the nation! Everyone is at their mercy, or rather, the lack thereof, including Hubert Ingraham—who allowed this final deathblow to Bahamians. But why should Hubert Ingraham care? He always belonged to Eileen Carron anyway

Lest you’ve forgotten, it was Eileen Carron, The U. S. Whoremaster, who introduced Ingraham to the world of spies and confidential informants, through her contacts with American Officials starting with former Ambassador, Carol Boyd-Hallet—and the rest is treasonous history. And don’t be fooled, Carron is a player in the American spy world. So much so that when her adopted and formerly orphaned son, Robert (John Doe) Carron was in school in Washington D.C., guess where he worked during the summers? First, in a Congressman’s office on Capital Hill and then in The Customs Department under Boyd-Hallet! Now where would an orphan found in a trash can, on the roadside in Florida and brought to The Bahamas, get such contacts? Before being adopted by Eileen Carron—he didn’t even know who his real parents were or what the hell he was doing in Florida, much less how he got to The Bahamas! But he ended up on summer breaks in the upper bowels of Justice Department affairs.

And on another note, now that The Tribune has bought the media and The Government, persons are saying and even shyster Wendal Jones is saying that this diabolical buyout will give The Bahama Journal the opportunity to fill the void for balanced reporting on a daily basis, hence making him and The Journal the savior for journalistic democracy in The Bahamas! Nigger, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The country stands a better chance in the hands of Eileen Carron (which is already no chance at all), than in the hands of Wendal Jones. For while many may think that he’ll create the balance in journalism, he’ll in fact make it worse because all of his extortion-features will come out in full bloom because he’ll believe that The Bahamas now needs him. And not only that, but what would all of sudden make The Journal so enticing to read anyway? The history of that newspaper tells you that if you pick up Friday’s Journal (any Friday), you could also still pick up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s off the shelf—from the month before! So whether it be, Carron or Jones, democracy in journalism is f**ked. So, that’s The Journal’s reality. And here is the public’s reality…

The UBP and The American Spy Network is King again in The Bahamas. They have blood in their eyes to stop democracy—so we should also, but to save democracy. They are hell bent, this time, on finishing up their agenda for The Bahamas. No ordinary Bahamian is safe, including those FNM’s that Hubert will want controlled or destroyed, so he can remain The Chief House Nigger for the likes of Eileen Carron and those Americans. They are the people who have had their fingerprints all over our affairs since 1983—when Hubert Ingraham and Aaron KiKi Knowles Jr., bent over so Eileen Carron could drive the American Flag Pole straight up to their gizzards! And that is why Hubert and KiKi can’t help but sing the praises of the red, white and blue—that pole felt so good to them!

But to the sensible and patriotic Bahamian it will never feel good to us. So, it’s war! You better get ready because with The Tribune having bought the media and The Government—it’s coming down to it being either them or us who has to go!