WHAT'S The Difference? The 18 PLP Members Letter…


Rt. Hon Hubert Ingraham

Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham/Prime Minister of The Baahamas

What’s The Difference?


Over the past several weeks, much has been said about a proposed letter on a weekly website that was suggested should be signed by the 18 PLP Members of Parliament with a suggestion that if The Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham does not change his deportment toward PLP MP’s in The House of Assembly, that he will find his teeth rolling around in the back of his throat.

These remarks were roundly and over repeatedly condemned in every quarter of the daily newspapers and likewise in a biweekly tabloid publication. But yet in a monthly tabloid for October, in both the editorial and cover story, clearly the remarks bespeak of more than a few teeth missing from Mr. Ingraham’s mouth, but it speaks of Mr. Ingraham’s spirit leaving his body for it’s final trip yonder and by the most violent of means. Yet, there hasn’t been one word from the daily newspapers nor the biweekly tabloid condemning what is far more serious and far more blatant as to how to get Mr. Ingraham to become more mannerly.

The question we are asking is what is the difference between what the website said concerning ‘the teeth’ of The Head of State and what the monthly tabloid said concerning a violent end to ‘the life’ of The Head of State? Why no outrage or righteous indignation toward the monthly tabloid? Or is this a case where depending on who the messenger is, determines what the media will decide to comment on? Or is one left to conclude what is said in Bahamian vernacular—‘that hog knows where to rub its skin?’

Today The Bahamas Press Online presents those comments in the monthly ‘Black Belt News’ tabloid by writer Gorman Bannister in its current October 2007 edition.


Editorially Yours
By Gorman Bannister



Consequence and compassion are two realities that all of us must face in daily life. Unfortunately, in The Bahamas, persons are quick to enjoy the negative consequences that others must face and slow to show compassion for the consequences that others must face. As for me, I am different in that regard because I can still have compassion for a person facing negative consequences—even if I am one of the persons who make sure they face the consequences of their actions!

Now I guess you’re wondering, ‘how could Gorman feel compassion for persons who he may help send to the proverbial gallows?’ I can do that because I know how I would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, which would mean, not someone else’s foot, but my foot. But then again, I am also the kind of person who if I can’t take the consequences of my actions—then I won’t do the actions. But if you see me do it, then whatever the consequence, I am prepared to take it. So I may not be normal in that regard.

However, far too many Bahamians laugh or gloat when someone else is wearing shoes full of troubles, but when the shoe is on the other foot—the foot of the same Bahamian that laughed or gloated at the troubles of others— the laughing and gloating Bahamian all of a sudden doesn’t like the way it feels and even wants those whom they laughed at to feel sorry for them! That is the state of a scornful and cynical Bahamas, my brothers and sisters. And here are just two examples of how people behave when the shoe is on the other foot—their foot!


In the years of plantation slavery, the house nigger and yard nigger lived diametrically different lives. The house nigger was a ‘cherished pet’ who experienced all of the comforts of the slave master’s home. The yard nigger lived a Spartan life in the fields where they slaved from sun up to sun down. The house nigger was so grateful for his position in life that anything the slave master experienced, the house nigger believed he was experiencing the same thing, if only in his/her mind. So if the slave master said they were happy, the house nigger would say, ‘we’ happy! If the slave master said that they were sick, the house nigger would say, ‘we’ sick! And if the slave master said they were scared, the house nigger would say, ‘we’ scared

So it should be of no surprise today that since Eileen Carron—the slave master—is saying that The PM should not be threatened, the house niggers like Johnley Ferguson, are saying the same thing. In other words, now that the shoe is on the other foot—their feet; the slave master and house niggers are both scared. It is amazing and self-deluding for Eileen Carron and her house niggers to be shaking in their boots because PLP MP’s have been using words like ‘war’ and a website suggested that someone should punch Hubert’s teeth in and have a dice game rolling down his throat!

It is amazing and self-deluding for Carron and her house niggers to now be taking serious umbrage at the tone and tenor of angry Bahamians, whether they be politicians or the hood rats in the ghetto, when in fact, people like Eileen Carron and her house niggers have set up this kind of environment by their actions (or inactions toward injustice), since The FNM came into Office on May 2, 2007. People Like Eileen Carron and her house niggers have been perennially violent in their words and intimidating in their actions, but now they’re scared and want to talk peace and love since Bahamians have decided that they will retaliate in kind—or maybe even worse.

But I need to know what world are Carron and her house niggers living in to want persons reprimanded for what she perceives are threats on Hubert’s life and threats of civil uprising—when they should really take it as warning and a reality check? Let’s talk truth; 50-plus murders have occurred (at the time of me writing this editorial) so far this year and all had the component of people reacting violently to a perceived injustice perpetrated on them. Under those circumstances, that component and how Hubert is unnecessarily frigging with people’s lives—what brand of logic can conclude that he can’t be one of the next crew in the sixties or beyond to be murdered?

And that is not inciting anyone to murder Hubert. That’s only getting Hubert to focus on how far he wants to go for someone to seriously consider murdering him! And while I am talking truth, if we want to talk about threatening behavior, the fact of the matter is that Hubert is threatening his own life by his vicious and heartless behavior towards those who can least stand the pressure. And that’s reality folks. And if you think that it isn’t, then just get someone to take you to the cemetery to show you where Chuck Virgill’s body is buried! But the slave master and her house niggers are scared because to murder Hubert means you murder their present ability to abuse the majority of us, the masses!

So now the shoe is on the other foot. Let’s see how Carron and her house niggers handle feeling the fear that they have perpetrated on us for decades.


To me, the story of the ‘rabbit got the gun,’ is more about how the hunter will now react to the pressure of the rabbit calling the shots. For when the rabbit gets the gun, it means that the shoe is on the other foot—and now the hunter has a chance to see how the rabbit felt. A perfect example of that is all the speculation surrounding PLP MP Malcom Adderley. It is despicable, but predictable, how many PLP”s are behaving over MP Adderley deciding that he would continue to serve as Chairman of The Gaming Board under The FNM Government.

It is despicable because PLP’s should get honest with themselves and not persecute MP Adderley when the reality is; Christie never considering to appoint him to a Government position until 6 months before The elections and by default; no PLP Minister giving him one job to give to any of his constituents for five years; he being the next to last candidate to be ratified to run again—and he was the incumbent; and Christie not giving him anything to campaign with! But yet PLP’s are angry because he’s made a decision independent of them. What about the decisions Christie made about MP Adderley and hence his constituents, independent of how MP Adderley or his constituents felt?

Well, the shoe is now on the other foot—Christie’s foot; and I bet still that the rabbit will be more decent in how he treats the hunter now that he’s (the rabbit’s) got the gun—even if when the rabbit shoots, he shoots to put the hunter out of his misery!


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