The Birth Of An Online Voice




The eyes of a victimized single mother that brought birth to Bahamas Press.

Of late in The Bahamas there has been a lacking of many things. A lack of sound commitment to nation building that connects the many branches of this society. It is important that this network of cohesion exist, all to cause a country grow, Forward, Upward, Onward, Together.

In The Bahamas there has been talk of the many loopholes that seem to not connect, in order that we properly function as a bright progressive country. In doing so we all leave for our future generations the foundations that causes a nation not to flourish.

Still in our society the unborn become too often unprotected, they are born misguided and when grown, the responsibilities of life are left up to the young to decide their course.

Still in this country there lies a subculture where crime and violence against the innocent whether it be single mothers or homeless children or senior citizen, they are all prey to many social ills. Yes, too often in this society The Government, The Judiciary, and The Civil Society to which many of these innocent look, can only hear a silent voice, and in some cases see NO end of Justice!

What is more worse than all of this is the fact that here in the midst of this country there parades a ‘fourth estate’, yes the professors of the Arts of Journalism in The Bahamas that have leaned and tiled in an ‘OPAQUELY BIAS” fashion. They have caused the prophetic words of the late editor of a morning daily in the Bahamas who said it best, “A monopoly would also give my children too much power. This might throw them off balance and eventually either destroy them or make them an intolerable influence in the community.”

For far too long in The Bahamas LIES and Deceit have clouded the country. The few, particularly some veteran journalist, have sold their souls for pieces of silver to their political directorate of preference. As the innocent lie dying from inflicted wounds by a ‘Bias Press’. The Bahamas must know a better way to correct this injustice and wrong inflicted upon its people.

Bahamas Press Online today, gives birth to a fresh way of presenting commentary, news and discussion in and around The Bahamas. It will present a fresh in-depth INVESTIGATIVE perspective when reporting and detailing information. Our job is simply to place a shining spotlight, on the hidden darken spots of our country, our region and yes even the world. Our role is to seek out this subculture that has hidden in disguise that have yet to be revealed to the nation. Our promise is to present an open, fair, and frank presentation of the news of the day, as we see it.

Today, The Bahamas is a different place, and for that future unspoken voice yet to be born, we hope to make it a better place. To all our readers, and global family we welcome you to our perspective insight. In this we simply say enjoy.