Tribune Headline concerning First Lady in poor taste and Disrespectful


Meanwhile Elieen Carron was one of the first publishers to meet PM Philip Brave DAVIS Q.C.

The Editor
Bahamas Press
9th January 2022

Dear BP.

Tribune Headline concerning First Lady in poor taste and Disrespectful

The Tribune editors past and present have never been fans of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).That cabal of self-hating Mulattos have never deviated in their goal over the years to return black Bahamians to the fields where they feel they belong.

Every progressive effort by the PLP has been questioned and analysed in excruciating detail and every perceived flaw or failure exaggerated and amplified to show them in a poor light whilst the glaring flaws and corruption of the former administration is barely mentioned if at all.

On June 3, 2010, Bahamas Press pointed out the wickedness and duplicity of the Tribune when it stated “ If Sir Etienne Dupuch were alive today, he would ask his daughter to take a close look at what gutter toilet trash she has brought his morning daily to.

Bahamas Press wonders if Eileen Carron is just that nasty, or if she fails to care anymore about the nastiness her gutter piece of you know what has come to these days. Unlike most papers to defend truth and relish the future as a defender of the people, she too like most leaders in this country has gone for rogue with toilet paper now seen as the defender of every criminal mind operating in the city”.

So given their journalistic pedigree, Bahamians were dismayed but not surprised to see a banner headline in the Tribune which not only appears to dimmish the efforts of the wife of the Prime Minister in her supportive role of her husband but also dismiss the need for our country to deal with the pernicious prevalence of sexual abuse and exploitation in our society. So, on January 7, 2020, on the eve of Majority Rule Day, the Tribune crafted what was perhaps one of its most wicked, and disrespectful ever when it wrote about the Prime Minister’s wife “ Braves wife urges victims – speak out”.

To see how intentional and designed to hurt the stature, and prestige of our First Lady let us compare her treatment in the papers to other headlines over the past years. This is a selection of headlines concerning the social activities and projects of the spouse of our former Prime Minister.

  1. Prime Minister’s Wife, Mrs. Patricia Minnis, Visits Grand Bahama.
  2. Mrs. Patricia Minnis Attends Special Assembly at Queen’s College in Honour of International Women’s Day Government of the Bahamas website.
  3. Mrs Patricia Minnis, Wife of Prime Minister Minnis will deliver the opening address at “The Woman Behind the Business Retreat”
  4. Spouse of the PM accompanies students to Ardastra Gardens
    May 1, 2019 at 3:30 am Eyewitness News.
  5. Mrs. Minnis Supports Sewing Program in Over-the-Hill Communities
    07/15/2020. Mrs. Minnis, in her official function, Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister, underscored the importance of the programme and other such initiatives.

Note in none of these headlines is she referred to a Minnis or Docs wife. This is simply because Mrs Minnis is a strong, intelligent and accomplished woman in her own right. The same can be said of Mrs. Anne-Marie Davis!

As you can see, in the main media has been respectful to the spouse of the Prime Minister. Which is why you must wonder which dark places the obviously visceral hatred of all things PLP will take some people.

But Mrs Davis is not the only spouse of a PLP Prime Minister to experience the ire and misogyny of the Tribune . In 2014 on the day that Dame Marguerite was sworn in as Deputy Governor General it headlined. “ Pindling family quiet on tax as Dame Marguerite sworn in”. And, to twist the knife it headlined “Lady Pindling owes $306,000.”

My point is that the PLP appears to have forgotten how an implacable enemy who should have been comprehensively defeated after 55 years of Majority Black Rule remains; and they have only themselves to blame.

The softly, softly approach has not worked, and it never will with persons with long, bitter memories of their loss of status and being governed by blacks.

The PLP is strongest and well supported when they present innovative, progressive programs which elevates the masses despite opposition from special interest groups and when they take care of their base!

Can you imagine what a state the Bahamas would be in today if the PLP had bowed to pressure and not established the National Insurance Board to provide a social security net for retirees and the less fortunate amongst us? The nightmare of the current covid-19 pandemic would have been the end of many without its assistance.

Whether you agree or not with the Tribune headline right thinking persons see it for what it is; a gratuitous action designed to undermine, diminish, and silence the Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minster.

This is of course a pipe dream because the First Lady will continue her quest to make the Bahamas a better place for all.


Michael J. Brown

The Davis Brand!