Troyniko McNeil MUST be found NOT GUILTY in the Taylor Murder!


mcneil-copyNassau, Bahamas – It is possible a ruling will come down today in the Hal Taylor murder trail. Senior Justice Anita Allen wrapped up the case just an hour ago. We now  know Troyniko McNeil is being tried before the court in this matter. Bahamas Press once again wishes to go on record and say, “McNeil IS NOT GUILTY IN THIS MATTER!” And today his fate will be read by the hands of a jury.

There’s a question we must ask however, how come McNeil returned so quickly returned to The Bahamas? You would remember, that on July 4th, 2008, police in Miami arrested McNeil on a matter not related to Taylor’s murder. The Bahamian Gestapo Police was ready to protect their own, therefore, according to them McNeil was a “person of interest”, and they were eager to get him back in Nassau.

On June 26th, 2008 Bahamas Press wrote:

Police are all tight-lipped on the updates of Hal Taylor’s murder, however, a source close to the investigation has informed Bahamas Press that the officer, who alerted police and discovered the gruesome scene late last year, has been placed on administrative leave from the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The source noted, “I have little trust that anything is going to happen on this one, as the Force is even tight-lipped over the fact that an officer is on leave…”

That officer never appeared before court during the trial, WHY? Even the prosecution said some assisted McNeil in the murder, but what did McNeil do and what did his assistant do? The crown failed to prove McNeil was in Taylor’s room the day of the murder. It never brought that officer as a witness in their case. BP knows that that officer, who was place on leave, was indeed the first at Mountbatten House before any police was called. He discovered Taylor dead [SO HE SAY] the morning before detectives began their investigations. They fail to properly identify blood samples and failed to properly label them. Whose blood was Taylor’s? Which one was McNeil’s? And which one what some the other person? The police cannot say, the forensic department could not say, INCREDIBLE! And was that officer’s blood ever found on the site during their investigations? They failed to secure evidence properly. How did evidence collected at a murder scene end up in the private locker of an officer? And it was there for DAYS! Who could have tampered with it? WHAT SLOPPINESS!

Bahamas Press cries SHAME of the WUTLESS GESTAPO POLICE, who covered the tracks of their own from the beginning. Troyniko McNeil is an INNOCENT FAMILY MAN who will be VINDICATED!


  1. Eight jurors were convinced that Troy McNrtil is the killer.Sufficient evidence in my view was presented to convict.Yes there are others involved but only DNA from the accused person was present.Yes his defence attorney was brilliant but when one looks at the evidence acquittal was far fetched.From reconstructing the incident Taylor was atacked while asleep and thats why tyhe shirt of McNeil had blood plus other areas of the house.In his stupor Taylor probably only realised he was stabbed but by then it was too late.The right man is charfed with the crime and rumours were ignored by the 8 jurors who disregarded the victims lifestyle.The Murder is one of a jealous lover who felt that they got swing.

  2. I am not going to conduct any debate on this case,all i know from the evidence the POLICE gave,there was an intense struggle between Harl Taylor and 2 attackers.With this FIERCE fight going on NONE OF Troyniko’s dna nor finger print was FOUND ON THE WEAPON Used to SLAUGHTERED Harl with.According to the police the ONLY PLACE TROYNIKO’S DNA WAS FOUND WAS THE FACE BOWL.NONE OF TROYNIKO’S DNA WAS FOUND ON HARL OR THE BED,FLOOR OR STAIR CASE.You mean to tell me that Harl DIDNOT GRAB OR BITE OR KICK ANY OF HIS ATTACKERS DURING THIS FIGHT.As for the so call dna expert,if he PERFORMED A DNA TEST ON MR.TROY MCNEIL HE WOULD HAVE TO STATE THAT THE DNA FROM TROYNIKO WAS SIMILAR TO MR. MCNEILS’,UNLESS MR.MCNEIL ISNOT TROYNIKO’S BIOLOGICAL FATHER.Remember mr.Troy Mcneil and Harl were business partners WHO LIVED TOGETHER,SHARED THE SAME HOUSE,AND SHARED OTHER THINGS.Troyniko was arrested and brought to the Bahamas some 6 to 7 months AFTER HARL WAS MURDERED,SO the shirt that some others are referring to was a new ,clean shirt that the police took from TROYNIKO along with samples of his hair.This is what the dna expert used to compare the samples which he had previously received with.Troyniko was then CHARGED WITH MURDER BEFORE ANY WRITTEN CONFIRMATION CAME FROM THE DNA EXPERT.From science we have learnt that our DNA IS FOUND WHEREVER WE GO AND OUR FINGER PRINTS ON WHATEVER WE TOUCHED.YET THE POLICE WANT REASONABLE PERSONS TO BELIEVE THAT DURING A BRUTAL,BLOODY STRUGGLE WHICH ALL TOOK PLACE IN HARL’S BEDROOM,THE FACE BOWL IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE TROYNIKO’S DNA COULD BE FOUND.IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

  3. I was not there and I don’t know Troyniko McNeil at all, but my mind keeps telling me this young man is innocent. Normally, when I go by my mind I am always right. I feel the police are just desperate and they are willing to pin this on anybody and it just happens to be McNeil, probably because he used to be around the place a lot and his father was Harl Taylor business partner. Anyway, the prosecution did nothing to convince the juror or anyone that this young man is guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. If they can’t convince people that McNeil did this, then they need to release him so he can go home and spent some quality time bonding with his baby. There are just too many children as it is growing up without their fathers being around.

  4. Man look here we gata display a level of common sense when ya following these kinds of cases ya know. Ask yourselves, WHERE IS POLICE GET THE SHIRT OF McNeil with Taylor’s blood on it? What kind a roller-coaster ride is this?


  5. The word “COVERUP” is written all over this case. BP been on this case from the beginning and from the morning of the murder to the trial, we have said all along, A POLICE is a suspect in this case. But whose listening?

    We’ve said from the beginning of the trial, just look at the SLOPPINESS in the gathering of the evidence, and now we know the prosecutor didn’t do its job. They didn’t and couldn’t convict.

    The still have yet to convince the court or the public on what role did McNeil play? For example; Did he hold the murder weapon? Were his fingerprints there? Where was his blood matched the crime scene? Who out of the 15 workers in the building [Who were all shipped out of the country] saw McNeil on the compound? The prosecution failed in convincing us all. And when you can’t convict, you must acquit!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  6. @kevin mckenzie
    The Forensic expert allegedly examined material cut from a shirt that belonged to McNeill and found that blood from Taylor was onit.As far as fingerprints of McNeil being at the house it is a fact that they were found on the door.Coupled with the rfact that bloodstains were found on his shirt accounts as to why 8 jurors disregarded the story of the Defence and thought he was guilty.All the talk of others being inv olved were valid but at this point the prosecution is able to tie McNeil to the crime scene.The many wounds on the body point to a jealous lover.Remember the OJ Simpson case?Lovers quarrels always lead to many stab wounds being sustained.Yes a violent struggle occured but remeber now the killer/s had weapobns and Taylor apparently was unarmed.The possibility also exists for McNeill to have been at the murder scene as a witness but he is saying nothing.Poetic justice however ties him to the scene by the blood on his shirt.He needs to speak so that we could know who the other participants are.Our sympathy he does not need at this time.

  7. What bothers me most about this whole scenario is the fact that we allow known criminals to walk free and get out on bail. This young man was a scapegoat. Harl Taylor’s murder sparked outrage and there was a public outcry to find the killer. In my opinion, the police haven’t gotten this right. Someone somewhere knows who killed this man. I strongly believe that the same person involved in this murder was involved in the murder of Thaddeus McDonald. I don’t see how Troyniko fits into this whole thing at all. I would feel terrible if this young man is made to serve time for a crime he did not commit just to say that someone has been found guilty.

  8. There was no shirt that belonged to Mcneil with Harl Taylor’s blood or dna on it.It is an established fact that TROYNIKO visited his father at Harl’s residence on numerous occasion since both his father and Harl were ‘ROOMMATES’.Troyniko also worked numerous functions there so it should not surprise any one that his finger prints or dna was found.HOWEVER,WHAT SHOCKED ME WAS WITH ALL THAT FIGHT THAT MR. TAYLOR PUT UP BEFORE HE DIED,THEY DIDNOT FIND TROYNIKO’S BLOOD,FINGER PRINT OR DNA ON THE KNIFE OR BLADE USED TO KILLED HARL.The police said it was a violent and bloody death,involving an intense struggle yet NO dna of Troyniko was found on Taylor’s body or under his finger nails.The police officer who collected the samples to conduct the dna test on, also admitted that those SAMPLES WERE KEPT IN HIS LOCKER FOR 6 DAYS BEFORE HE TURNED THEN IN.HE ALSO ADMITTED THAT HE LABELLED SOME OF THE SAMPLES LATER ON,HOWEVER WE DON’T KNOW IF THIS WAS AFTER 6 DAYS OR 6 WEEKS.IT IS MY OPINION THAT THE TRUTH OF HARL TAYLOR’S MURDER WILL NEVER BE KNOWN.

  9. I was not at the Court trial but what convinced me of the accused persons guilt was the blood stains found on his shirt.That is very compelling evidence and even though he was a regular visitor to the house the Defence is yet to explain how Taylors blood got on the shirt of the accused persons shirt.It is unfair to look for the accomplices of McNeill as he did not choose to name them.Remember now the charge read being concerned with others.Yes the Defence made wsome good points and the newspapers decided to focus on their attack but the independent forensic examiner testified that the dna on the shirt of McNeill was not compromised though stored in a locker.I feel the Prosecution did not place emphasis that the reason for using the locker is standard practice since to mix it with other exhibits would cause contamination.The one good thing for the Bahamian public is the fact that the Commissioner of Police will be retired b4 the end of this year.Too much negatives is emanating from that office.You cant mix apples with oranges and expect a good offspring.

  10. You would think with all the murders now happening every 20 hours, local police would by now with that experience know how to collect and store evidence. It is incredible what happened in this investigation. An officer is the first to show up. He calls his backup. The evidence is collected. And then someone who collects that evidence decides to take it to his private locker. And then go one vacation! ARE THESE POLICE DETECTIVES FA REAL?

    But listen to this, the person who first was on the CRIME SCENE [before anyone else] drove a police car to the crime scene that morning! Now what how we ga crack this case WIDE OPEN!


  11. @t.i

    Oh so Jimmy Bastian did say what was he doing at Taylor’s home so early in the morning? Did he say what he did? Was his blood /DNA found at the crime scene? Or was it another officer who assisted him?


  12. This young man is not guilty this is a cover up and everybody know it. The police have to know who the killer is. Is the killer within?

  13. Your assertion that the officer who found the body did not testify is incorrect. Jimmy Bastian was one of the first witnesses called for The Crown. Secondly, McNeil returned voluntarily. He could have contested his deportation. All of this evidence was broughtbout in court. So obviously you are relying on hearsay because you couldn’t have been in court.

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