Turnquest Accused of interfearing in an active police investigation



  1. so basically they stop the sound and put it back to where it came from, simply confining it to its place of origin. I wish I had the money for them for some loud neighbors around here with their noisy ghetto parties. Surely once one has complained to the police about loud parties that are illegally disturbing the peace, and the police do nothing, then one has no choice but to take some form of action on their own, or move – this is much better and safer for all, other then going POSTAL on the noisy no mannered disrespectful neighbor.

  2. as usual the problem with code smith is always the same .he just does’nt know when to open and close his mouth.oh please nygard does’nt have any legal room left to manuever in,relative to this matter,and he does not come with clean hands either.yea, and who does code smith say is getting preferential treatment,mr. bacon and not mr. nygard oh please.

  3. @truthhurts: The Lyford Cay cartel are a bunch of gangster terrorists and you are an idiot if you think those crooks will get away with their nonsense. So they think they have the Government in their back pocket, huh? We shall see; let the chips fall where they may – we will expose ALL their crookedness in short order!

    • @OneBahamas………..name calling you JACKASS will get you no where.The fact that the man has built on Crown land don’t have a damn thing to do with your so called Lyford Cay cartel. Stop kissin up to this old wrinkle up pervert in The cay. And go get a damn life.

  4. I don’t see why this nonsense from keod smith even made it to the press. I heard the same “utterances” of the minister, and the minister advised that as far as he new the police investigation was still active. He only relayed preliminary information that was gleaned by him as regards the speakers.

    Of course this had to turn political. Here it is everyday BP have postings blaming the minister for the state of crime in the country, now when the man actually tries to get information on a case that he is being lambasted over, he shouldn’t interfere!!!!

    Ya can’t have it both ways.

    Anyway Nygard’s days in THE BAHAMAS are numbered. Cheaper he start packing Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow what a strong statement but since you are a chief spokesperson for this vindictive and wutless Govt I take your word.Manning in Trinidad gone for trying to be “king of all that i survey” the same will be applicable to your party and its incompetent leadership team.Are you bring paid like the others who make themselves nuisances on every talk show?

      • No Johnson. I am not being paid. You know this is not even about politics for me. This is about common sense and decency. How could people go on every day of their lives getting bogged down in political rhetoric?? As for the talk shows, i’ll admit I was a chronic listener but never called any of the shows, ever. I have since been emancipated from all of that garbage that is spewed daily on all of the stations, every Talk Show: Real Talk, New Nation, Issues of the Day, HArd Copy etc.etc.etc. Unless you want to be MAD at the world, every day, you can’t listen to that Sh**. It is only a bunch of unverified trash, that is being put forward by persons with their own agenda, most of them political. To find out what is really going on and to be able to speak authoritatively on an issue, you must do your own research and investigation. You absolutely cannot take anybody’s word, in this lil town.

      • I noticed my earlier and accurate commentary was not published; very interesting! Nevermind, MYGARD is here to stay – and you can take that to the bank! The Bahamas is bigger than the open bigotry being practiced in Lyford Cay.

      • as for your last question in this posting “RJ”, I ask the same question of you.
        are you being paid, and what is in it for you to see the downfall of the governing party.

        you seek out anyone who have a positive opinion of a minister of the government or the governing party.

        this government can’t do and apparently have not done anything positive as far as you’re concern.

        there is absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing but for God sake, be constructive.

        Politicians love people of your ilk, who have a tunnel vision.
        but then again, what the hek, if your palms are being greased by them, then why focus on their weaknesses……….

        far too many persons come here tearing down one party and hoisting the other.
        what good is it doing this country, this country is bigger, has always been bigger and will always be bigger than any dern FNM or PLP.

        It’s country first people!!!!

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