Twenty-four-year-old Rolley Gibson Jr. has been identified as the victim found burnt beyond recognition behind a Church Tuesday!


His body had been wrapped in a sheet and discovered on a charred ground….

24-year-old Rolley Gibson Jr.

Who wanted this young man dead is the question…

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has identified the young man found burnt yesterday behind a church in Southern New Providence.

BP agents on the ground tell us the victim is 24-year-old Rolley Gibson Jr.

Gibson was found on a torched bush grassy area on Refuse Court off Cowpen Road, just behind the Refuge Tabernacle Church laying facedown on his stomach.

The body was also believed to have been wrapped in a sheet before being burnt and in this state for more than 12 hours.

This incident recorded the 8th murder in the capital in the last 9 days.

Police confirmed an autopsy would be performed to determine the exact cause of death. Some believe Gibson was murdered at another location and brought into the area.

Bahamas Press wonders who would want this young man dead? Was he involved in some incident? Did he choose to involve himself in the drug trade, which we know is a death trap for many? Or was this incident another revenge/retaliatory killing?

These questions remain unanswered but we hope police will open its investigation by first checking Gibson’s phone records, because, we are certain that is where many questions will be answered…

We report yinner decide.

Police now have another homicide investigation on their hands. photo by