Two Anglican priests disciplined from the Church?! WHAT IS THIS?!

A Priest Beretta

NASSAU| Two senior clerics of the Anglican Church have been disciplined (one sacked), according to reports coming out of Addington House tonight. The priests, whom BP will not name at this particular time, have been told to pack their bags and hang up their collars, according to sources deep inside the church.

Both priests are long serving members of the church, who are also bigtime members deep inside the Prince Hall Lodge. 

In this most serious time of COVID where death has claimed many and left families in deep sorrow and pain, what could cause satan to enter THE CHURCH to ask spiritual leaders to leave? WHAT IS THIS?

We understand one of the priests was being reassigned by the Bishop of Nassau, Bishop Laish Zane Boyd, who is the spiritual pastor and senior shepherd of the Diocese. And this was when all hell broke loose.

Meanwhile, two other priests have already left the Diocese. Fr. Donald Kerr, formerly Assistant Curate at St Barnabas, has abruptly joined the Diocese of the Virgin Islands and been made interim priest in St.Croix the Virgin Islands.

Also Fr. Shazz Turnquest has left the country to take up an appointment as Chaplain of St. Paul’s College, Hong Kong (an Anglican boys school). With the already shortage of pastors guiding the flock in these troubling perilous times what is going on here?

What is fuelling this bleeding of Ministers is still unknown, but you know BP will soon find out and get back to yinner as soon as we do.

We ga report and let yinner decide!