Two brothers shot dead only weeks apart…Michael Beckford shot dead in Sunday homicide at the barber shop on Baillou Hill was on bail…

Michael Beckford, 23

NASSAU| The streets are really hot around here in the capital city of New Providence. If you don’t believe us, check out this latest report.

BP has identified that Baillou Hill and Marshall Road homicide victim as Michael Beckford, just 23-years-old.

Beckford was recently, Edison McQueen aka John Wick, was brutally gunned at the airbnb off Carmichael Road on March 23.

Beckford became in such fear for his life that he went to court pleading for the removal of his ankle bracelet on March 28. He wanted it to be removed, believing that he woud be a target while on bail. Perhaps if he had stayed in prison he would have been safe. Ahhhh, boy!

His bail variation hearing was set for this week, but, sadly, Sunday was his last day on earth.

Criminals and those criminally minded in the country must take BP’s warning seriously: we warn once again, if you are in a gang or in the criminal world, leave the country and save your life! Ya think people listening to us?!

We report yinner decide!