Two Killed by Authorities Today One in Bimini and One in Peardale


Nassau, Bahamas — Two men are dead tonight following their challenge to authorities. Police have shot and killed a second man today following a botch robbery at the Peardale Supermarket.

Two armed robbers fled the store around 2:30PM with an undisclosed amount of money. As they attempted to getaway, they encountered police.

The officers gave chase as one of the robbers produced a handgun. He was fatally shot by police.

Earlier this morning detectives had their hands full on Bimini. Reports are early this morning investigators proceeded to a residence on South Bimini. The home we are told was under investigations  for nefarious activities.

BP has learnt the morning drug raid has left one man dead shot to the head. The victim in this incident was not a Biminite.


  1. as i understand, a boat was stolen from Andros last monday, found in bimini on friday, gun battle with police deu, one man shot and killed. No press at all to back it up?

    • If you read today’s Guardian, the PAPers did bury the story wayyyyyyyyy down in the back underneath some page in the back the incident. They called it; “A BOATING ACCIDENT!” We wonder why. They also confirmed the confiscation of thousands of lbs of drugs. Things that make ya go…MMMMMMM!


  2. Too many children are joining the police force.Some of them are living in areas where harden criminals are living therefore these officers are using their guns as criminals.These officers are assiting these criminals by killing innocent people.

  3. they think they are in the wild west so treat them like that shoot those scum so you dont have to waste the court time,we need to give the police more support we will get these criminals but its up to us the public to turn those suckers in………….

    • the guy that got killed in bimini he didn’t resist arrest. THE police force is good but plenty of police officers walking around with glass shields.
      And when the truth come out about that authorities will have to speak up.

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