Two leaders but similar thinking and style of leadership



Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham sharing many similarities.

Nassau, Bahamas: For over 35 plus years now The Bahamas election process has had grave concerns. Many questioned the elections in the 1950s with the UBP government with a lock on power. There is still little record of those dark days to share with young Bahamians. The PLP gained power in 1967, January 10th to be exact and in those succeeding years the majority ruled, but questions of election fraud still surfaced. Government changed in 1992 again this time Hubert Ingraham took power.

In May of 2007 amid allegations of election rigging and corruption, where illegals voted and paid for voters cards, the transparent process of FREE AND FAIR elections again became a concern in the country. This was the same year Bahamas Press found birth, amidst a wicked and BLINDLY CORRUPTED electoral process. Cushioned in silence by a ‘WUTLESS COCKEYED MEDIA”.

One year later another election event, where LOCAL GOVERNMENT is stopped. This time the courts of the country stopped the voting in nine districts, where the INGRAHAM government has broken laws.

YES, 35 years later in an INDEPENDENT Bahamas, and the country is suffering. It suffers from raising CRIME, and VIOLENCE, A BROKEN JUDICIARY, SCANDALS IN GOVERNMENT, amidst another election FRAUD.

Bahamas Press will examine all these areas and will prove how the ways of HUBERT INGRAHAM are no different then those of Zimbabwe’s TYRANT and IGNORAMUS President Robert Mugabe, the MASTER ELECTION fraudster now on his 6th term in office as president.



  1. I must have not written it clearly enough. When I wrote “and considering the fact that they are a part of a political party’s operations, thats understandable.” I was referring to the PLP site and not BP but from reading it again, I can see where it seems like I’m saying BP is a PLP site.

    I would be an idiot to go there because Bahamas Press seems less interested in toting water for anyone. they may be a bit preoccupied with blowing their own horns, which I noticed they’ve toned down a lot lately, than just doing their thing. Thats all I ask of them. We don’t need the constant reminders of how great you are. We’re on the site already and besides, you start to sound like the Punch when you do that and I hope people are noticing how far off base they’ve been lately.

    So Truth, I apologize if I made it appear as if I was saying BP was a part of the PLP. That was just bad sentence construction on my part. I was just trying to clarify for that fool Finley that it is highly unlikely that the BP people and the PLP Admin are “working in tandem” as he suggests. Its just like the Tribune referring to BP as a PLP website. I beg to differ and that is a good thing.

  2. Lloyd. Both the PLP and FNM get hit like freight trains from BP. What makes you think BP is part of the PLP?

  3. I don’t know about you but I picked up a different vibe with PLP Admin and BP that was really, just a pissing contest and you can see that I had an issue with the argument Bahamas Press was using. But its all good. I said i wasn’t coming back too, but here I am. I doubt that Bahamas Press and the PLP official site are on the same page. There may be some similarities in their attitudes sometimes but Bahamas Press, despite their failings, is a much more militant and outspoken blog than they are and considering the fact that they are a part of a political party’s operations, thats understandable.

    thats what happens when you have capable people approaching the same issues from different perspectives. Now if the FNM had anyone even remotely close to the abilities of BP and the PLP Admin, we’d have something to talk about but that gal seems too busy following Hubert around.

    Kudos to Bahamas Press for the editorial that correctly shows that there is more in common with Ingraham and Mugabe than the photos BP used.

  4. Mr. Finley, please. “Contrived.” Thats what you think? PLP Admin ain’t been in here since all of that and probably will not be back. I don’t think any type of playbook is employed here.

  5. This is why I made the comment a few weeks ago when I saw the contrived debate between BP and Administrator.They are working in tandem, and using the same playbook. Nothing is wrong with that in and of itself, but do not take us for fools. You are not the smartest guy we have ever beheld.

  6. Oh, man, I’m shaking in my boots waiting to hear that the PLP’s ties to Robert Mugabe was through….

    The Commonwealth of Nations! Wow! Wait, isn’t Cuba a part of the UN? If being in the same organization is a crime, just about every country could be accused of having “ties” with corrupt individuals. Now me and Bahamas Press Media have had some issues but in this post, they promised to show the parallels between Mugabe and Ingraham, aside from the photo that makes them look like twins, so I don’t see why you out here making threats about nothing.

    This is one article I will be waiting to see because talking about the PLP and Mugabe being in CHOGM together and him visiting the Bahamas for that has nothing to do with what Bahamas Press wrote.

  7. Aw..yall moderating comments nah.

    Push your garbage article and we will make sure to show publicly the ties that the PLP had with MUGABE.

    In other words, we will make you EAT your words and look like Jacknannies in the process.

  8. Ya’ll forgot that it was the PLP who embraced MUGABE.

    Ya’ll full a dog nanny!

    Idiots. Talking ’bout exclusive. Exclusive BS!!!

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