Two losers trying to teach children how to LIE!


foto-1-_dsc7781<<< The soon to be gone Education Minister Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel and Prime Minister Hubert ‘Papa Doc’ Ingraham speak with Salina Point Primary school Principal Myrtle Rolle (right), during their visit to the Acklins school. Bethel looks like he’s punch drunk. (BIS Photo/Sharon Turner)


SALINA POINT, Acklins – They sang the well known primary school song, “I am a Promise, I am a Possibility,” as Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham re-affirmed to the students of Salina Point Primary school– that they can indeed make their dreams come true. This visit occurred in 2009.

“You can be anything you want to be in this country,” Mr. Ingraham told the group of primary school students.

“You have the opportunity to learn while you are in school, and look at me – I am the Prime Minister of The Bahamas.

“I was in a school like you, not with as many buildings as you have,” he continued. “We had far fewer buildings and far fewer teachers.” The nation’s chief encouraged the youngsters to become avid readers, telling them that he learns something new everyday because he is a reader.

The Prime Minister, along with a delegation of Cabinet Ministers traveled to Acklins to view the extent of roadwork needs to be addressed by the Government. On their trek from Spring Point to Salina Point, Mr. Ingraham and his Ministers visited the students, who told of their dreams of becoming carpenters, doctors, teachers, actors, officers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and in the case of one young man – the Prime Minister.foto-2-_dsc7805

School Principal Myrtle Rolle shared a few dreams of her own with the Prime Minister, which included the hiring of a teacher’s aide, the provision of a laptop computer and projector, as well as tools to tend to the school’s garden. The school recently received two brand new desktop systems for its computer room.

Mr. Ingraham committed to fulfilling those requests, advising the school’s Principal to identify a suitable person in the community to be brought on as a teacher’s aide.

The Prime Minister and his delegation toured the campus to assess the space available for additional classroom blocks before completing their tour of Acklins and subsequent tour of Ragged Island.


  1. Ya’ll fail at life because Carl Bethel isn’t the minister of education
    also, don’t call PM Ingraham no Papa Doc..I surprised BP dumb you know what even know who Papa Doc is. Whether you disagree or whatever the case may be with his mandate or whatever ya’ll could never be justified to call him by the name of a Haitian dictator and then call him a looser. Who is even run this shizz dread? sigh.

  2. To all of you that are getting on BPs case for posting this article shut the fudge up you are all stupid sheep and luv to be sodomized by ingrum and the fnm.

  3. respect the who? this man all about cussing people out in the public y’all talking about respect no sir!! you have to earn that bro!!! if he want respect tell him apologize to mr leon williams and robin hood!!and while he at it we the bahamian people. this man has no respect for the bahamians i say yes he is a loser him and is balls less MP’s.

  4. And …

    Our Minister of Education needs to go. Our BJC and BGCSE Exam results are mortifying! He should be ASHAMED of how poorly he has performed at his job. Why are there more “illegals” in our public schools than Bahamian children?
    Why is it a concern of a “language barrier” in our schools?
    Why are there so many Bahamian youth whom can not read or write?

    What are you doing in your office other than “Twiddling your thumbs” Mr. Bether? Why is it that your are shadowing the Prime Minister on a “road works” endeavor to Acklins that you interact with your schools? Your school days are over. No more need for ring play where everyone holds each others hands!

  5. It is clear that some of our fellow Bahamians like a “”Good cut behind””! Abaco is right; respect does go both ways and our Prime Minister has done absolutely NOTHING to earn it. A title is no more than that – a title.

    Due to the lack of education and standards demanded in our country there is NO room for dreams beyond minimal wage to come through. So yes his statement “You can be anything you want to be in this country” is a Lie!

    Furthermore, as he is encouraging reading to be the means of attaining their dreams; he needs to realize that many of our Bahamian people can not read OR write. Even further; there are also a great majority of youth that have no more than a grade nine (9) education!

    With all DUE ‘respect,’ how did our Prime Minister “Papa” become the Prime Minister? Was it due to great education? And if it is then why is our country REGRESSING instead of progressing. Last I knew it was the 1930’s where woman had children during their teen years and men found no more than a trade!

    Wake up fellow Bahamians! It won’t be long before the Bahamas becomes the next Haiti or Jamaica due to our under-educated, inconsiderate, lining their pockets … politicians.

  6. BP This site is managed and run by losers. What an all time low and dutty wautless attempt to ill speak of the Prime Minister…be it Sir Lynden, Sir Hubert, or Sir Perry…..Or even soon to be?????Sir Branville????????

  7. This is total outright disrespect!! FNM or not, you should respect the person holding the position of Prime Minister of this country. He was elected by a majority of Bahamians. You are the one that is a loser, a sore one at that!!

  8. if you do not like the man at least respect his office he is the Prime Minister of the Bahamas,we all have our different views thats whats make us a democratic country our right to choose who will lead us,the Bahamian people made that choice and when the elections are called they will have that right again.

  9. BP. Please explain to me how is it that you can call your PM a loser. What happened to respect. You are out of order. Furthermore, this article is irrelevant. Honestly BP, your rantings are that of a lunatic.

    • @Capricorn respect goes both ways, the PM don’t respect us .. And he my friend is the biggest lunatic and lier this world has ever seen. so if you want catch feelings for him .. so sad too bad.

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