Two men jailed for armed robbery with the ankle bracelet on? Well, BY DAMN!

Entrence at Bahamas Her Majesty's Prisons

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is citing a breach in national security here in the country as two criminals charged by the courts were once again put back into Fox Hill Prison after committing armed robbery while on bail with the anklet bracelet.

Now get this according to our sources up in Fox Hill, two men released on bail for committing similar offenses were returned to the slammer after being found in possession of stolen goods.

BP has learnt, sometime last week both individuals were connected to a crime in the South. One of the men went into a store and told the attendants he was armed with a weapon.

The robber showed the attendants at the store his ankle bracelet warning them, if they make the wrong move, they will be shot. The young man was later captured and discovered with the stolen property. But get this.

How did the men get out of their prescribed areas, if they were being properly monitored?

Sources high up tell us, the ankle bracelet is fast becoming a failure, and here’s why.

We understand the contract was awarded to two Bahamians, who are fronting for a foreign group. But get this. Our investigations revealed the pair have hired young Bahamians, with no security or monitoring background, to watch on their home computer hardened criminals; some released on bail for murder.

Bahamas Press wonders, how are the criminals released on bail monitored, when BEC has disconnects the power supply from the private monitoring agent’s home?

We wonder who is monitoring the criminal on bail done when the home-based internet systems go down.

We wonder who is monitoring the criminal, when the private individual hired to do the tracking is a relative of the murderer on bail, or is also from some crime family. WHAT NEXT?

Electronic Bracelet Monitoring is a FUNCTION OF THE STATE! It is something that cannot be placed into the hands of any Tom, Dick or Harry! What kind a dollhouse game is this we are playing? This is a country, they are the criminals, and governments have a duty to PROTECT CITIZENS!

Two men with ankle bracelets locked up after committing armed robbery? Boy, we ‘JOKIN’!


  1. this is clearly a bunch of “****” you have guys from nassau village, coming in montel highs doing all kind of ****!! with them so call ankle bracelet on” that **** is not effective at all! i know that for a fact!! just a waste of our money again……

    • I am still trying to figure out how a private company is being ordered to do something what is a function of the state. WE GAT IT BAD!


  2. M. Ferguson You talking shit! you doing damage control but the control was broken long before this program started…..there are not enough resources to effectively monitor these criminal…..all it is, is just another leech stuck on that tax payers of this country. Not Effective at all!!! close that program because the only people benefiting from this program is the company the government paying to run it! you tell me how many fellas yal were suppose to be monitoring lay out in the morgue? almost every other day yal have to collect those bracelets off a dead man,not to mention the ones with them on who still committing crimes….wow don’t come on here with your properly formatted response like you saying something!!!! THE PROGRAM IS FAILING!!! and like always the geese (company who’s getting the hand out) continues to get fat!!! ring dis bell papa!

  3. Mr. Editor,

    I am writing in response to your article titled “Two men jailed for armed robbery with ankle bracelet on”.

    Quite frankly I don’t normally respond to these types of unfounded stories, however, a number of my staff members are frequent readers of your on-line news site and they were very disturbed that you would print such a story that assassinates the integrity of the outstanding work that they’ve been doing on behalf of this great country.

    Since your article is not attributed to a writer I cannot hold that individual accountable for the fairy tale that he/she has written about the Program but I would like to correct a few things;

    The “high up” source that you quoted does not know anything about the Electronic Monitoring Program and here’s why.

    The Electronic Monitoring Program is a highly technical and comprehensive program set in place by the Government of the Bahamas to track offenders who were identified and ordered tagged by the judicial system. Tracking is done through Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the earth. The cost to the US Government to develop this technology was over $13 billion. Neither I nor the Government of the Bahamas would allow “…any Tom, Dick or Harry to play dollhouse games with it (your quote).

    For your ‘high up” source to tell you that this program is ran through lap top on people’s home computer is simply NOT true, more concerning to me however, is that this information was printed in the contents of being factual. The monitoring of offenders is done at the EMC, which a highly secured, State of the Art Monitoring Center equipped with the latest technology and a well trained staff of professionals.

    Also, you asked, how did the men get out of their prescribed area if they were being properly monitored? I say to you, are you certain that “those men” had a prescribed area?

    And finally, you do a great disservice to my staff by insinuating that they are related to, or connected to crime/crime families. The young men and women working in the EMC were selected out of an application pool of over 600 applicants; they were put through stringent CDU background check, and then again vetted by the Ministry of National Security. This by the way was just the beginning of what was a long and rigorous process which included; testing for National US Certification, and a 9-weeks training program.

    The standards at the EMC remains high not just because it is very demanding job but because it is what the staff demanded. These men and women are the first Bahamians entering this profession, they love what they do but most importantly they believe that what they are doing helps in making our country a safer place to live.

    In closing I ask for no favors, because like other professions we too should be open to public scrutiny, I do however ask that when you write a story about the EM Program or the EM Center that you be more accurate in your story by investigating these outrageous claims.

    M. Ferguson
    Electronic Monitoring Center – Manager

    • The Fairytale? Mr. Ferguson we would like to know where were these monitors when the robbery was in session? You cannot deny that they did not take place and both mean were rearrested and place back in Fox Hill!

      We also would like to know where were your monitors when the criminal put the bracelet on the dog the other day? Where was the alert system when another man wearing the bracelet was burnt to a crisp in an abandoned car. Surely someone had to be watching the events unfold, or was sleeping at the wheel!

      Bahamians are disgusted by CRIME! You should also take this opportunity to take a second look at your system and review the programme. FACT IS, OUR POSITION IS CLEAR, the monitoring of harden criminals should NEVER EVER NEVER be in the care of private hands! POINT BLANK!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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