Two men on bail electronically monitored were shot dead in a honda fit late Thursday evening?

Burger and Dion Exelant gunned down in Honda Fit Thursday night.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has more from that double homicide incident in Summer Haven just moments ago. Dion Exelant, 21 is one of the victims. He was released on bail following his attempted murder charges for an incident back in April 2022. He was being tracked by an electronic bracelet.

A second victim is a man who goes by the street name “Burger”. He was on bail for the murder of Lazzaro “Tristin” Ferguson. Both men were in a blue Honda Fit when gunmen opened fire hitting them multiple times. Both died on the scene.

Police confirmed during their investigations that both men were being electrically monitored. QUESTION: How accused killers released on bail for murder are allowed to be out on the streets late at night?

We report yinner decide!

Live scenes following that double homicide in Summer Haven where two men on bail were gunned down.