Two persons shot as incident unfolds on East Bay Street

Tourist lined East Bat Street as they witnessed a shooting this morning near Esso On The Run, east of the old Paradise Island Bridge. Police blocked off the area following the incident as they opened an investigations. By

Nassau, Bahamas — Two persons have been shot on Eastern New Providence today bringing traffic to a standstill in the East Bay Street area near Esso On the Run Store, east of the old Paradise Island Bridge.

BP agents now on the ground tell us the incident played out just before noon this morning, leaving traffic in that eastern part of island at a stand still.

Sources confirmed one of the victims was running from persons who were brandishing a weapon in the area. We are told the gunman opened fire on the victim who was shot in the shoulder along with another person. Both victims were taken to the PMH for treatment and are now in stable condition

Bahamas Press learnt the incident played-out once again in the front of tourists, many of which are seen in the photo above making their trek back to Paradise Island.

Crime is way out-of-control across the country in every category, with murder skyrocketing since 2009, according to a US State Department advisory on the Bahamas. Some 109 persons have lost their lives at the hands of another, a record achievement since the Free National Movement Government was elected to office.

Meanwhile around the same time another shooting of a young man took place in the Fowler and East Street area of the capital. The condition of the victim is still unknown.


  1. Sorry, but having everyone carry id will not solve this. Several countries around the world have this rule, yet crime persists. And several others don’t have that rule and crime is rare.

  2. It’s a damn shame that in 2011 individuals are allowed to walk/drive Nassau without identification, no police/defense force presence on the streets doing road checks 24/7 and we wonder why crime is out of hand? We need to get rid of the P.M. The minister of national security and Commissioner of Police also the deputy P.M. Because if none of them realize by now what needs to happen to curb this lawless attitude then we don’t need those dummies in those positions. I put to all Bahamians, if we were to enforce a law where every citizen/resident/visitor of this country 12 yrs and older carry at all times a picture I.D. And then take them defense force officers who bullshitting playing dominoes and God know what else all day on the base and have police checkpoints all over Nassau every day and whoever is found without an I.D. Is taken into custody and fingerprinted and held until the law can determine who they are then we would not have this proliferation of crime because with constant police and defense force presence on the streets doing random checks who is gonna chance riding in a car with a gun or risk taking one on the buses not knowing where the next police checkpoint is. If me a local citizen could figure this out all by myself; MY GOD who are those imbicels we have in the high offices that I mentioned earlier?

  3. no government can stop the rate at which crime is climbing
    as long as we have freedom to make our own decisions there is no way that the police or government can do anything
    they can not be everywhere all the time it starts with each individual its a sad day that we are in but these are the signs of the times

  4. once again where there’s no leadership the people will parish!! there is anger all over this country only the good lord can tell me” the PM ain’t doing some kind of ‘voodoo’ this country becoming “lil jamaica” more and more in spite of all this murder taking place this ‘no good’ FNM should be on every television every radio screaming they head of for solution’ but not them they too busy planing for election. like i say anyone who vote FNM & DNA AS TO BE A SUCKER FOR BAD TREATMENT!!

    • wizard…. in your wisdom you are telling us if the government would change tomorrow the country would be totally crime free ? Peace and tranquility again ? Criminals do not respect any laws, fear nothing or no one, or any Government authority,, rose colored glasses only make the matter worse.

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