Ungrateful Bahamians return – You cannot make this up!


NASSAU| Boy, these are some UNGRATEFUL people eh! The thanks we taxpayers get for bringing home stranded Bahamians.

REX DING-A-LING you tried!

She doesn’t need food. She needs something else. Missing her VITAMIN “D”! OUT A ORDER! #covid19 #quarantine #bahamas #Youcannotmakethisup!

We report yinner decide!


  1. I am so glad you had the courage to say. I watched the video and was really sadden by the attitude and the behavior of Ms. Ungrateful. Ms. Ungrateful, let me say this to you, it was not the Bahamians fault you got stuck in another country, it was not the Bahamians that sent you there in the first place, and for whatever delay in the response by the government we elected, you should be grateful, do you know how many homeless persons walking around the town without a bed or roof over their heads, do you know many persons go to sleep at night without have a meal for the entire day, do you know how many persons cannot afford to have a health check-up and you are getting this for free. My suggestion to you is that the same way you posted and shared this video all over the Bahamas, you need to do another apologizing and thanking the Bahamians for all the prayers and agitating the government to take action. As you can see the numbers world wide of persons dying from this deadly disease, be humble and grateful.

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