United States Embassy Completes Shed for Visa Clients


min_grant_embassyseating-largeUnited States Embassy clients no longer have to stand in queue without protection from the elements due to the construction of covered seating by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Minister the Hon. Neko Grant along with Permanent Secretary Colin Higgs visited the Embassy on Thursday, March 26, 2009  to view the recently completed shed and seating. Minister Grant expressed satisfaction with the construction. Pictured is the Minister chatting with clients as they make use of the new facilities.


  1. Media,

    Are you in position to confirm the deadline date for the implementation of THE NEW PASSPORT? Some persons said the end of the year while others claim it is 2012. I understand the Minister of Foreign Affairs made a statement onemater but I missed it.

    Many Thanks!

  2. On bhalf of the people of The Bahamas, Many thanks to Minister Neko Grant and his Permanent Secretary for their thoughtfulness in this regard. Three years or more ago I stood on that line and had to run into ‘Le Rose’ when the rain came down. After returning, I found myself at the back of the line and had to wait a very long time before I was able to submit my documents as my group category (appointment time)had passed.

    Again many thanks!

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