Unpopular head of Customs Geannie Moss to be invited to replace Dr. Ellison Greenslade in London…

Customs Comptroller Geannie Moss and High Commissioner Dr. Ellison Greenslade.

NASSAU| Geannie Moss, the Customs Comptroller, is so deeply unpopular within the staff and in the FNM hierarchy that she has now been persuaded to leave the post, the first time occupied by a woman, to be invited as High Commissioner to the UK for the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press is learning High Commissioner of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to Great Britain & Northern Ireland and Commissioner of Police (Ret.) Bahamas Dr. Ellison Greenslade will end his mission and return home.

Moss reportedly could not get along with former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Peter Turnquest. The two are said to have barely spoken to one another. 

Moss made it known that she took orders from the Prime Minister not from a mere Deputy who Minnis could not stomach.

Then the entire second and third tier of the Customs Department has remained without leadership for four years. 

The Government finally announced some promotions up to the level of superintendent last week but the ranks of Assistant Comptrollers and Deputy Comptroller are all still vacant. Imagine that!

The Department has been operating unlawfully for the last four years with those posts vacant. But this is an extremely lawless and unlawful government being ran by Hubert Minnis. Just look what they did with the Travel Visa money? Kept million in the account of KanOo!

The solution short-term solution then is that Minnis has called the former Commissioner of Police Greenslade from London back home to fix this problem. But hey – even Minnis term in office is short. Remember his government is now on the 52 week programme. It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!