Valley Boys have yet to call an ELECTION – proving democracy and transparency are lost within the group’s leadership!


Junknaoo Leaders in the Valley Boys must see that an Election is forced by the Supreme Court of the Bahamas!

Valley Boys leader Brian Adderley (right)

Nassau| Valley Pride has dropped to the floor these days under the WUTLESS LEADERSHIP of Chairman Brian Adderley and a more aggressive approach must now be exercised to return the Valley Boys to its years of glory!

Bahamas Press is learning, despite our open rebuke of the Valley Boys and its leadership, which has faced serious questions of transparency and accountability by its grassroots members, the leader has yet to call an election. NOW THIS IS INSANE!

And here are the facts: To date, the nonprofit organization has failed to present even one audited financial report on the funds collected by the organization. That in itself is a serious breach of the law!

The group has struggled to collect funding for its parade on Bay Street!

The group has struggled to get a win in the last 16 appearances on BAY STREET – with the last parade becoming a complete disaster!

The group has failed to call a general meeting of the membership to allow any discussion on the way forward.

To this day, some 60 years since its founding, Group Members are still pissing and “SHITTING” (excuse our expression) in the bushes of the shacks, destroying and contaminating the water table! 

Bahamas Press is calling on real VALLEY PRIDE BELIEVERS to rescue the reins of power from  “WUTLESSNESS” before this major group is completely removed from Bay Street for good!

And if the leaders fail to save the team from shame and disgrace, then have the Supreme Court of the Bahamas force an election and take back control of the VALLEY BOYS!

And if this warning is not enough, then we at BP will unleash a DAILY CUT-YINNER-KNOW-WHAT on the group until CHANGE IS DELIVERED!

We report yinner decide!