VAT 12% greeted at the border on July 1st in CONFUSION and CHAOS!


No PLAN AND NO CONSULTATION by Minnis Government Delivers CONFUSION!

Nassau – The new 12% VAT rate on all goods and services comes into effect today, JULY 1st. The new upgraded tax regime was a part of the 2018/19 Budget plan of the Minnis Government.

There was no consultation, no information sharing. No modules to examine why the Government chose this path for Bahamians. Just another tax and spend programme in the making. But hey, Its Da People’s Time!

This morning in the Customs Department there was utter confusion and chaos. Customs Officers tell us they have no idea as to what is going on. “Most officers are not updated with the new rates and don’t even know what to charge the people.” One border agent told BP.

“We are being swamped down here and it’s all a room full of chaos.”

One would think a wide process of consultation and training would have taken place before VAT and new Customs taxes would have been implemented.

At the Solomons Lucaya store in Freeport, the chaos was made worse as that store -from 6:18pm on Saturday – was charging customers 12% on items.

But this is the confusion of this government. It has no plan. It has no vision. And it cannot clearly articulate to Bahamians a real direction for the future.

Before being elected Prime Minister Minnis promised a TAX FREE ZONE for inner-city residents. Well, the residents, the Media and the PM have forgotten that promise to the People. Only BP remembers though.

All we at BP say is this: Here we go again!

We report yinner decide!