VAT will help pay down our National Debt


VAT PSA 17 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

Letter to the Editor

Dear BP,

I am glad that I can have a section on this website to express my views on Value Added Tax. Like a lot of Bahamians I was very mad when the idea of VAT was introduced to us. All I could think about was more of my hard-earned money being paid out and nothing but my pay check coming in.

What I started to pay attention to was the fact that the government was going above and beyond its duty in making sure that every Bahamian was knowledgeable on VAT. I got educated and realized the government of The Bahamas did not seek to just TAX its citizens for no reason. We are going to be in a better financial position in short order.

The government in its wisdom introduced VAT to assist with lowering our national debt and giving our citizens a sense of ownership. Our borrowing was getting out of hand and borrowing some more was not the right option to take.

I like this approach as all “mature” countries in the world know that a taxation system is necessary to take care of the country – schools, roads and the like.

So I say lets welcome VAT and and visit the Ministry of Finance’s website for any questions we might have or comments.

Let us make our Bahamas BETTER!!

Yours etc

Laury Gilbert

PSA 18 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.