Vendors cites corruption at Straw Market Authority and sends open letter to Government


Trouble in the market

Worker at Straw Market Paid Nine Thousand a Month? While Two Hundred thousand vanishes!

Dear Minister,

We the straw vendors in the new straw market built but the former government are suffering sir. When you last visit the market you was attacked by a small hand full of vendors but on May 7th 2012 we the majority got even when we all supported you and your party.

Minister, the market needs your close attention urgently. Monies are missing from the authority and a senior officer in the place  is spending the Authority money like it’s her personal bank account.

In January (who was taken out of the hospital laundry department and give a $90,000.00 a year salary with perks). She hired her cousin to setup the accounts system and what was supposed to take 3 weeks to complete is still going on today seven months later.

The cousin is being paid $9,000 a month where he comes in for 1 hour a day and sits up with the senior officer in her office where they reap havoc on us vendors. On a daily basic vendors are call up where they are harass and some even suspended for no reason all simple because they are known PLPs. The senior woman has vowed since her beloved Prime Minister Hubert lost on may 7th, that she will be a torn in their side as long as she is in her position.

Sir before we moved in the market we met with the former government and we was promise a cooling system for the market and sets for our guess to sit in around the market but what we receive is the total opposite. It is July and in the day time the market is very very hot and we the vendors and the visitors have to indoor the heat. We have even had instances where tourist have fallen out in the market because of this heat. To make matters even worst, the cafeteria where we go to cool off is now locked from the vendors. It is only open for a few hours a day and the air condition has been turn off because the senior officer said its burning to much current  and rest room are locked from our use.

The senior officer uses the corporation credit card to take her and her small group of FNM friend on trips to Miami once a month to shop on what she call market exploring trips.

Mr. Minister sir we the vendors understand that there is some two hundred thousand dollars – 200,000.00 missing from the market bank account and the cousin of the senior officer is working overtime to cover up this thief of government funds. Some of us have even paid our rent only to find out the next week that the money was never credit to our account.

We have collectively met and decided that we will not pay our stall fees until the government that we voted for get the market in order and remove this washing machine attendant and bring in someone to investigate all the wrong doings on us and get the market running the way it is suppose to be.



Stall number 98723


  1. This is nonsense. The way those people in that market behave, many times i wish it would just close down because many of these people only cause an embarrassment to our country. I was in the straw market on two occasions where the vendors were cursing at each other and being very disrespectful in the presence of the tourist and people had to step in to ensure no physical harm took place. Not that the tourist being there mattered as much it matters to have self pride and conduct yourself as sensible adults and Bahamians. One of those same officers had to come down and try to reason with these people and when i asked what would be the repercussions for their actions as i personally was embarrassed i was told they would have to speak to the director after a report was made and she would decide on suspension or not. So for them to say they get suspended for nothing is outright ludicrous. I feel like the government does need to step in though, and not to remove anyone but rather to have some etiquette classes for those vendors that clearly lack the ability to conduct themselves as sensible adults and Bahamians. I will say that some of the vendors were nice and all do not fit this role but far too often they act is if they were raised in the bush.

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