Vincent is lost as Alice was in Wonderland


<<< Three lost souls taking tourism into an abyss. Vernice ‘Doll Baby’ Walkine, Obie ‘Snitch’ Wilchcombe and Vincent ‘Oil Gusher’ Wallace.

Nassau, Bahamas — Sir Jack Hayward in an exclusive with The Guardian has urged the government to quickly find solutions to the country’s growing crime problem. Recently some eight violent murders occurred in one-week. In that week of death and mayhem the country witnessed the slaughter of a pregnant woman who was gunned down and shot multiple times on the doorsteps of her home.

Latest crime statistics reveals crimes have shot up in almost every category and murders for 2010 were up by a 33%.

Calling the situation in the country “worrisome” Hayward told the Guardian, “Any moment now the American Embassy could be advising American citizens that this is an unsafe country to travel (to).” He added that the rising crime in the Bahamas is scaring some potential investors.

Murder in the country hit a record high last year with scores of other incidents unreported or unclassified.

“When a potential investor or a potential visitor sees the headline, Up to record levels – More than last year, and so on, they are obviously going to say, ‘Hey is this a safe place to travel?’,” Sir Jack noted.

“I mean the government has got to do something about the crime rate.”

Just hours after reading Hayward’s comments the Minister of Tourism who we have classified as running his mouth like the BP OIL GUSHER in the Gulf did not disappoint us. He came back spewing from the mouth telling lies.

Wallace suggested that crime in not scaring away investors or guests coming to the country.

Bahamas Press wonders what JACKASS would say such a thing? Then again, here’s another ‘Oil Gusher’ whom fails to properly count the numbers of arrivals into the country.

Only Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace believes the incident where a woman who was shot dead while nursing her baby on vacation in the Bahamas didn’t scare away potential tourism business.

Only Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace believes the incident where a New York police officer who was shot outside the Christie compound following a daring daylight robbery, did not scare away potential tourism business.

Only Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace believes the incident where businessman Hywel Jones, a resident of the United Kingdom (UK) and a principal at the Britannia Group Limited, had just exited his car to head into his Compass point office in Western New Providence when he was approached by a man who shot him in the head. He died as a result, but ‘Oil Gusher’ believes even this did not scare away potential business to The Bahamas.

Vincent like many in the Cabinet he serves has his heads so buried in the ‘bahind’ of Papa even the raw sewerage backed in his pipes since 1986 smells like vintage wine to him. He is lost, off course, out of touch and adrift from reality in this country. The ministry of tourism cannot properly count tourist arrivals these days and therefore, to analyze the crime situation is way over its head.

Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace has become nothing more than another JACKASS sitting around the table eating dung and calling it pea and rice.

Like the pipeline leaking in the Gulf we must find a way to put a cap on him and stop him from telling lies! YOU HAVE NO SHAME VINCENT! YOU HAVE BEEN MOST NEGLECTFUL!




  1. @Russell J. After 3 years of the FNM’s supporters being very quiet on this crime issue, it is good to see that ono by one they are now speaking out… They seem to be letting their LOUSY leaders know that Enough is Enough!! They are now being BRAVE and pushing to change the Bahamas’ direction!!

    Papa said that he was a tried and tested/proven leader but his followers are now realizing that the past is just that, ‘the past’… Change is coming Bahamas!

  2. I am so happy that Sir Jack has raised the Crime issue since anyone else the spin doctors would have blamed the PLP for spreading lies.Hard mouth PAPA who seems to be Min ister for everything affairs has yet to speak directly to criminals I guess bcos he fears ehey will strike back unlike the many persons he has victimised.PAPA is proving for all to see that a bully is indeed a coward.There are many highly educated persons in PAPAs Cabinet but all lack courage to confront the criminal element.Vanderpool Wallace lives in a bubble and has not even visited fish fry to get a feel for the situation on the ground.

  3. I thought it was only me who had a problem with Vincent’s STUPID statements!!!

    Thanks BP for keeping on top of things… I thought that the editorials in all the news papers should have come down so hard on him that he would have had to retract those DUMB statements but as usual, they gave him a pass!!!

    Thanks again BP…

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