Has Cleola Hamilton Gone MAD?


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Nassau, Bahamas — We read and watched with interest the statements of the Nurses Union President, Cleola Hamilton on Friday Past.

Ms. Hamilton called a press conference to attack the Government and the Minister of Health, Dr. Minnis over insurance coverage. By her own admission, the Minister of Health met with her and other Union Officials on June 2, 2010 to inform them that effective July 1, 2010, they would be covered by Colina Insurace Company. He also informed them that the funds were allocated in the budget and the coverage would come into effect on July 1,2010.

Well, what in the hell possessed her to call a press conference on July 2, 2010, this is after the Ministry of Finance wrote a letter to Colina to effect coverage, has she gone mad?. Is she playing politics with the lives of the Nurses?.

We ask these simple questions because we feel that she is being unreasonable and we have been advised that she has put her name in the hat as a potential PLP candidate for South Beach. While she has a right to put her name in the hat, she does not have the right to use her position in the Union to pursue her personal agenda

We want to know whether Ms. Hamilton contacted Colina to see what the position was prior to going on the offensive or was she grandstanding to boost her chances as the standard bearer for the PLP in South Beach?. If the latter is the case, we consider her unfit to continue as Leader of the Union and the Nurses should smarten up and get rid of her like the Teachers Union did to that bunch of Mongrels that were leading them.

We cry shame on Cleola Hamilton, how dare you accuse the Minister of Health of playing politics and cat and mouse games when that is precisely what you are doing. You have most certainly appearing to be suffering from Madness.


  1. OBJECTIVE THOUGHT oh since you want to bring up BIAS REPORTING… FOR YOUR INFORMATION HAMILTON has publicly said that the nurses union was owed this and that for OVERRRRR 3 YEARS let me break it down a bit. PLP GOVERNMENT WAS in power in 2002 to 2007 and The FNM gvt was in power from 2007. Therefore it was THE PLP GOVERNMENT who promised so and so and it was the FNM government who didnt act upon what was promised.

  2. Boy BP you must be on something.. I can’t understand why you are beating up on the good lady who was not informed as to where the process was…

    Sometimes I just think that you all try to hard to appear unbias that you come across as being out of touch!! BP you gat to get it together man… The woman was not kept up to date as to the status of the nurses situation..

    She was promised that the insurance was to be started by July 1st but by July 2nd she was not told anything… How could you blame her for what she did after running behind this govt for the past 3 years BP???

    BP, you are the one who sound MAD to me because you are being biased towards the good doctor because you like him!! Learn to tell it like it is BP!! Speak TRUTH at all times!!

  3. Why are you guys attacking Cleola for standing up for her nurses. As president of the nurses union the Minister should have kept her informed of the status of the insurance coverage – especially as it was to have been implemented no later than July 1/10.

    Stop attacking the messenger, she is standing up for her nurses, I see no politics in any of her actions.

  4. People like her make me sick…. she’s A IGNORANT DISRESPECTFUL FOOL. Hubert Minnis should put her in her place shes a NASTY CHARACTER.

  5. Well Well….. This is a prime example of someone putting politics in front of their administration.

  6. It will be useful to have a wider range of persons in Parliament, although under the present political culture Ms. Hamilton would probably have no voice and litte impact. Unions have since the outset been the stepping stone used in the trade for parliamentary seats since Bobby Glinton and David Thompson betrayed the unions and joined the PLP years ago under Pindling. That ended their contribution to the union cause. What I have noted is how union leaders who become parliamentarians routinely stab their former union colleagues and the union movement in the back. Shane Gibson even denied the right of the Paradise Island casino workers to unionise. So Ms. Hamilton is only another potential example of how gullible union members are exploited by those who are not true to the workers cause, and only see them as a stepping stone on the political ladder. When will our people ever learn!

  7. The whole idea of private insurance for the nurses is a bad idea. The nurses already receive free medical attention. All they needed was private hospitalization when necessary. The should have also negotiated priority attention by a physican and allow them to go oversees at specific hospitals if treatment was not available here.
    The nurses have now lost their risk allowance. They need this because the insurance rates are higher for nurses because they are high risk.

  8. This Hamilton woman is not impressive at all and does not strike me as a leader. She does not appear to be intelligent. Her so-called press conference was lacking in substance and she seemed to be struggling.

  9. If this is true about Hamilton’s ambitions for politics, this is just another example of how a Bahamian can quickly lose any credibility that they may have. The Scenario that has played out for a number of years: Put yourself out there in the media, constantly. Push an Agenda. Then the next thing you hear “so and so is seeking the nomination for XYZ party” they immdeiately alienate 50% of the people that supported the cause. i hope this is not the case.

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