Branville McCartney has come to rescue MANKIND! He is BP's Man in BAMBOO TOWN!


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Nassau, Bahamas — Three (3) years ago, MP Branville McCartney started the Bamboo Town Thy Brother’s Keeper Program in the Bamboo Town Constituency.  The program was specifically intended to assist those persons in the Community who were less fortunate by providing food items and clothing.  To date, the program caters to approximately 75 families in and outside the Bamboo Town Constituency.

On the 3rd July 2010, MP McCartney took the Bamboo Town Thy Brother’s Keeper Program to the Nassau Dump, where on any given day there are 70 to 100 persons in search of food.  A hot home cooked breakfast was provided for persons on the dump and care packages were given.

McCartney, who stated that far too often, we sweep issue of this nature under the carpet, but the reality is that there are pockets of extreme poverty in the Bahamas. The MP stated that we seem to be rapidly  becoming a country of “haves” and “have nots”!  Although the MP admits that there is no quick fix to this concern, what he wanted to accomplish was to ensure that he and the members of the program did their part, “albiet very small, to relieve some of those persons’ aching stomachs and put a smile on their faces, if only just for one day”!

Branville McCartney the great humanitarian admonishes residents across the country to help our brothers and sisters.


  1. @ Totally Unprejudiced

    So the only way Bran could inform the public was to take cameras? We would not take his word about what happening down there? Come on man! Besides most right thinking Bahamians know that this is happening down at the dump. Multiple news organizations have done multiple stories about the people down at the dump, even as it relates to the setting of fires at the dump. Bran was on Love 97 yesterday talking about his leadership aspirations. He is having a town meeting tomorrow on crime. This visit to the dump was nothing more than a carefully planned public relations stunt to launch Bran’s run for leadership at the FNM convention. Open your eyes, don’t be fooled

  2. No Totally Unprejudiced, WOW! is right on. Bran was wrong for doing this. I feel Bran is an intelligent man and he could have found other ways and means to bring people attention to what was going on at the dump without embarrassing those people by putting them on camera. In fact when Bran came on TV talking about it I don’t think this caught most people by surprise, because this something that was always going on from time and memorial. What those people are doing certainly is not healthy, but it is sad that this is the only way some of them are able to provide for their families. You see, not all of them are out there eating out of the garbage, some of them are out there looking for things they can sell and make some monies from, so they can be able to provide for their families. There was a particular man on ZNS saying he don’t even want his family to know what he is going to take care of them, if he don’t want his own family to know what he is doing, you could imagine how embarrassed those people were when Bran showed up with the cameras? If Bran was not promoting his own interest and he was serious about helping those people, he would keep going out there and doing things to help those people anyway he can. Don’t just go once with food and cameras. Keep going out there helping the people without the cameras and eventually people would have find out what he was doing. Trust me, if Bran did that I think more people would be able to respect him and what he is doing.

  3. @ WOW I think Mr. McCartney’s intention was not to impress but to inform! It’s sad that in times like these, people are hunting through garbage!!!!…I don’t care what they are looking for! This cannot be healthy….I aplaud Mr. McCartney because he demonstrates REAL LOVE & CARE for people.

  4. Yeah, WOW is right , I have to side with him on this one. The cameras were not necessary. Bran could have gone out there and help those people without turning it into a circus. Those people might not have much, but they still have feelings. How would he like if it was him that were living that way and people put him on TV? People already have respect Bran, he don’t need to be making himself look he as if he doesn’t have any substance behind him by resorting to this sort of foolishness. I believe Bran is a good man, but he needs to show people he is different from other politicians by not to stooping to such level by hurting other people feelings in the process to gain popularity for himself. If he keeps this up, people are going to question his motives and develop an insecure feeling towards him.

  5. @ no nonsense

    Bringing focus to the plight was not his mission. He went to feed hungry people. Did you see the report on ZNS? Those poor people ran when they saw the cameras because they were embarrassed. It took over 2 hours for them to come out of hiding for the food. Even in their unfortunate circumstance they deserve to be treated with dignity, not as a highlight on Branvilles political resume.

  6. One more thing, lets assume what the writer of this story says is true about there being 70-100 persons a day rummaging for food in the dump. The question that needs to be asked then is does the Min of Environmental Health know this? For people to be eating food from the city dump, that in an off itself is an environmental health issue. Is it not?

    Secondly, did Mr Earl Deveaux know Branville was coming there with cameras in tow to show him up like that?

    Lol, Earl cant be too happy with that!

  7. I am not a fan of Branville as i dont think he has any substance to him. He hasn’t done anything to garner the high expectations people have of him. Rounding up Haitians dont make you leadership material. Feeding folks dont make you leadership material.

    If he wants to be leader, then act like one and come out publiclly with his own vision and policies for the country. In democratic socities, good policies rule the day not photo ops.

    Bernard Nottage left the PLP and started the CDR not over personal issues, but policy issues. He wanted to take the country in anohter direction. Even though he failed in his attempt to become PM, i have to respect for what he did and tried to accomplish!

    I am not suggesting that Branville leave the FNM, but what he needs to do if he wants to be seen in my eyes as a potential PM is to go on the record with his policies positions and vision for the country, then we can talk. Until then, he aint saying nothing.

    And secondly, there are not 70-100 persons at the dump looking for food as this story states. At the most you have maybe 20 non DEH workers rummaging through the garbage for bottles and aluminum to recycle for cash!

    Like WOW says, total publicity stunt!

  8. I just love politics and commend Bran for finding the source and providing.Am the Minister now the plagiarist Turner should be hiding behind a cabinet.The die is cast as for the first time in FNM party politics since P)APA came someone is openly and subtly opposing his policies.

  9. Yinner DAMN PLPs all over the place sending messages to BP about what to tell MPs. Do we carry such influence in the country to tell an MPs what to do?

    What ever happen to writing a letter to the editor and allowing your concerns to the MP be published?

    Secondly Scotland Yard, we note you are BACK OUT OF THE WOODS! But do remember you have an explanation on that comment you made about OBIE! BP don’t like bull! That insurance story ain’t gone no where ya know.


  10. It is the lousy policies of his government that is putting more Bahamians below the poverty line. BP, you should encourage Branville to resign from his party over those new tax measures and deomonstrate true solidarity with the plight of the poor and the middle class who Hubert and the FNM seem to want to destroy.

  11. @ WOW….in order to bring the focus on a national problem, you nees media attention!!

  12. While I do applaud Branville’s efforts, it is a shame that he had to go with cameras blazing and turn it into a publicity stunt. It wasn’t about helping people, it was more about headlines and getting Branville on the news.

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