Another Gruesome Murder in the Capital


<<< Police and EMS personnel scene arriving at the murder scene in the Crooked Island Street area shortly after 7:30 PM tonight.

Nassau, Bahamas — There has been another gruesome murder in the capital and BP is now on the scene.

Residents tell us around 7:30PM EMS was called to the home of a woman in the Crooked Island Street area of New Providence. There they discovered the motionless bloody body of a young woman stabbed multiple times.

The woman we are told was the girlfriend of her attacker and the couple were involved in a domestic dispute. Eyewitnesses told the woman was stabbed right in front of her young child while her attacker, a Jamaican national like Cain, fled the scene.

At this hour the undertaker is removing the body of the woman from the crime scene as scores of residents and police officers looks on.

The incident accounts for the 137th murder in the country since 2009.



  1. Minister of everything PAPA where is your voice?The silence is deafening as you have failed to address crime.You have caused your Minister of National Sec to be impotent and this has been passed onto the Police Force who seem incapable of addressing the situation as they wait for you to open your big mouth and threaten criminals.Unfortunate situations like this must be placed at the feet of the PM.Open your mouth PAPA and offer your people hope and help.PAPA you are at the till and thus far you are proving to be a great disappointment,.

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