VOTER FRAUD ROCKS Northern Bahamas – 200 voters with two voter’s cards!



Attention now turns to Grand Bahama

Freeport, Grand Bahama — It is quite possible Grand Bahama will become the epicenter of voter fraud when the elections are done as Bahamas Press can confirm more than 200 persons in the nation’s second city are listed twice on the register.

Sources deep in the Parliamentary Registration Office confirm to BP that scores of residents in Grand Bahama are also registered in North Abaco.

Get this: we can report some of the persons registered in Abaco are residents of Grand Bahama.

We can confirm that information from the department shown to us proves voter fraud of the highest order is underway. According to documents shown to us, a voter with registration # 136071 of Marco City bearing the initials YLA is also registered in Abaco.

The voter holding a registration card for Marco City by some means has also appeared as a registrant bearing the card # 146875 in the North Abaco constituency with the same name, initials, photo and date of birth.

If ya don’t laugh you will cry!

When the said individual was contacted by Bahamas Press, the line went silent and they have not responded or replied to any of our queries via email or telephone.

BP has since made attempts to contact Parliamentary Commissioner with these latest developments, but our calls to his office went unanswered.

Bahamas Press was also shown a list of some 200 persons registered in Grand Bahama but also registered in other parts of the country.

We find these actions to be incredible! UNBELIEVABLE AND UNTHINKABLE!

We call on the Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel to come clean – even if he must come rough dry – and answer the question: how did over 200 voters in the northern Bahamas end up with two voters cards?

We report YINNER decide!


  1. I hope the PLP candidates are on the ball ensuring that these 200 persons do not get the chance to vote twice.

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