Watch the hell CONTRIBUTORS to NIB will go through after getting laid off due to the COVID19 pandemic…

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Why is it contributors to NIB [WORKERS] have to show proof that they paid National Insurance to receive unemployment? Why can’t the employer or NIB deliver the proof?! 

NIB is telling the unemployed: Provide proof that contributions were deducted from pay! This should not be the case for anyone seeking a benefit!

NIB ACT clearly states that payments are not the responsibility of the employee but of the employer who must show proof that they paid contributions.

BP, therefore, warns persons who would be eligible to receive Unemployment BENEFIT that they are not required to show proof that NIB contributions were taken out. 

In fact, one of the documents that is used to qualify the employee for an unemployment benefit has to be completed by the EMPLOYER before the benefit is paid. The employee should note that on that very document is a space for the employer to indicate the period of time that the person was employed by them. Therefore, whether those contributions are paid or not, it is up to the Employer and NIB Compliance Department to resolve!

According to the Act, the NIB Claims Department must pay the employee regardless of whether the employer has actually paid the contributions! Therefore, we must repeat the point that NIB should never be asking these employees to see proof that they have paid; it is not their responsibility to validate anything!

But, when you don’t know, The CIRCUS continues.

We report yinner decide!