Water and Sewerage Chief Internal Auditor Resigns after stalking claims by staff – Harry Joseph, who was brought in by Chairman, resigned after police questioned him!….

Ad requesting Internal Auditor after Rolle resigned over allegations of staff being watched by BOARD!

NASSAU | Chairman Adrian Gibson told his staff at WATER AND SEWERAGE you can’t believe what was reported on the corporation on social media. Bahamas Press said STAFF at the corporation were being monitored and followed by a detective! Harry Joseph resigned after police questioned him on his stalking exercise of WSC employees. Joseph told police he was directed to do so.

Senior Internal Compliance and Control Assistant General Manager Kimberly Rolle filed a complaint of stalking at WSC, alleging she was being followed and contacted by an anonymous number, which, when traced and tracked, was registered to Joseph. 

While in police custody, Joseph told officers he was directed to investigate staff. The directive angered the AGM Rolle and caused her to write the Board, expressing her disgust and disapproval over the stalking allegations; and then she tendered her resignation effective at the end of the month.

Well, guess what? Rolle’s last day at WSC was Thursday, January 31st. She told everyone farewell and stick with the criminals if yinner want to but she ain’t ga be a part of these illegal acts at WSC!

So look at it…THE WSC has no Internal Auditor. And going soon is the Chief Accounting Officer. That position is also being advertised and appeared in the Tribune this week Thursday. Ya think Adrian Gibson dem knows what they doing? 

We report and we ga let yinner decide!