Wayne Munroe confirms Branville McCartney was complicit in victimizing PLPs


Nassau, Bahamas — Yesterday while on Facebook more arguments developed on the BAIC scandal where FNMs were helping broke FNM at the expense of the public purse.

BAIC paid thousands of dollars to the law firm of Branville McCartney where the Parliament learnt, according to Edison Key, no work was ever done. Key claimed McCartney solicited the business while he served in the Cabinet of the Bahamas. The decision we know was to help the broke lawyer Don Saunders who failed in his election bid to become a Member of Parliament for Golden Gates.

Yesterday, Wayne Munroe commented on the matter and here’s what he recorded online.

Wayne Roosevelt Munroe said:

The sad thing about the FNM and PLP combined attempt is that the PLP missed and continues to miss an opportunity to stand up for its supporters. Here goes…I represent most of the persons who BAIC hired Don Saunders to evict from the Industrial Park. I have always represented some of them and Don Saunders has always represented BAIC. My clients appear to have been selected for eviction because they were PLP supporters. Instead of the PLP standing up for its supporters try to jump on a rickety bandwagon. I suggest that all of the PLP supporters who are involved in this take note of the lack of support being offered by your party and come over from the dark side.

DNA candidate admits their leader’s involvement in victimization against PLP whilst as a Minister, then later an FNM MP. Wayne Munroe, while trying to blow his own horn, Munroe missed the boat again! He says that he is representing persons who purportedly have been victimized by BAIC as they are the only ones chosen to be evicted, PLPs.

He says that Don Saunders who has always represented BAIC was hired to do this. As the story goes, Halsbury Chambers was instructed to represent BAIC and despite the back and forth between Key and DNA leader Branville McCartney, one thing for sure is that Branville at some point based on the letters submitted by Key, had some involvement in representing BAIC.

We are not going to opine as to who got the business or not, but now we see while as an FNM, it was okay to assist in the victimization policy of the Free National Movement, but now when it is convenient you all just realize your actions was wrong? Branville McCartney was complicit in victimizing PLPs at the behest of PAPA and the FNM.

The only conclusion to be drawn is that McCartney was in full agreement with the FNM policies he now complains about! Wayne you better come over from the ‘dark side’.

Boy, it isn’t easy being green!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!Bahamian Politics. It doesn’t matter who the next government of the Bahamas is people. If the FNM wins the same 40% of the electorate who does be bitchin’ and carryin’ on on the talks shows everyday will continue for the next 5 years. If the PLP wins the next 40% will be bitchin’ and carryin’ on. If the DNA wins there will be 80% bitchin’ and carryin’ on.Either way nuttin ga get done cause we ga sit back on our lazy behinds and wait for the 41 or so parliamentarians to work some miracle. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. May I make a suggestion to the young, and not so young up-coming Bahamian Politicians: Take note from a successful, Leader – Barak Obama, “never mind the noise in the market, only mind the price of the fish”.
    President Obama was a Senator, during his office as such, he was practicing for the Presidency of the U.S.; he knew what he wanted, bit the bullet and went after it….. with stoic diligence and steadfast purpose, and with great odds against him, he won the presidency of the country unanimously, claiming over 600,000,000 votes over his opponents. Talk to David Puffey, his Campaign Chairman, I can provide you with his e-mail, and understudy his political tactics to see how the votes were swang. Lets practice mature, dependable and sincere politics…. What I have seen over the past month has left me confused about Bahamians and politics….. where do you vote??? Stop downing each other, we are all in this together for the betterment of this country we call home!!!! The world is watching, and are we still depending on international tourists?????

  3. Bey, Wayne Munroe admitting that the DNA leader engaged in victimising people? What a crying shame!

    Well since Wayne joined the DNA and aspiring to be Deputy Leader and eventually Leader, he is already corrupt like Bran!

    What Wayne ger do when Jeff LLoyd get the Deputy position anyway? Wayne doesn’t deserve the Deputy position though, he dumb for making the statement he made on Facebook. Lost respect for him.

  4. I agree 100% that he Branville was a victimizer for the FNM, cause they even hired his law firm to try and take my house, so he is just like the rest of the FNM which he is still a part of something like the Tea Party in America just doing the dirty work for the Leader of the opposition to try and bring the PLP down but it wont happen not this time my brothers and sisters.

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