Wayne Munroe Is No Pincher. The PLP Caught Themselves A Grouper!


PLP: Ain’t no stopping US NOW!!!

Wayne Munroe QC
Wayne Munroe QC

While hanging out at one of my favorite over-the-hill watering holes last evening, talk turned to the news that former DNA candidate in the last general elections, attorney at law, Mr. Wayne Munroe had joined the PLP. A ‘Millie-like’ supporter of the FNM down played this happening as meaningless and uneventful, and took a stab at Mr. Munroe’s person.

Such a response coming from the good gentleman did not in any way surprise me. It spoke volumes about him.

For anyone with a brain as their operating system, to attempt to diminish the impact of Mr. Munroe’s decision, tells me that either they are of their rocker or are otherwise blinded by partisan politics. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Munroe carefully weighted his political options as he sought the best political grouping through which he could make his contributions to national development.

Certainly there will be those political pundits who will do as my friend did last evening, and while I will understand their motive, it is what it is.

Mr. Munroe, during the last 20 years or thereabout has distinguished himself as probably the country’s most illustrious practitioner at the local Bar, particularly on the criminal side. A former President of The Bahamas Bar Association, he was recently made a QC. Mr. Munroe has on many occasions expressed sober views on virtually all the major issues facing our Bahamas. Such views were never wrapped in any political cloth, and for this reason, I have always considered him a true nationalist.

Wayne Munroe is no pincher. In my opinion, the PLP caught themselves a Grouper!


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