Former Ambassador C.A. Smith says the FNM is moving FORWARD with Dr. Minnis!

Former Bahamian Ambassador to the US owes a women money and he has failed to pay dispite an order by the courts. BP Keeping them honest!
Former Bahamian Ambassador to the US C. A. Smith

Statement by Hon. Corneilius A. Smith, Former Cabinet Minister and Ambassador to Washington:

Under the leadership team led by Dr. Minnis the Free National Movement is actively listening, planning, re-engineering, working and reinventing itself into a politically fit fighting machine. We are not so naive to believe that those in power will readily surrender the good life to which they have become accustomed at the people’s expense, so our team is crafting our plan to rescue our nation from the plunderers and put it on a path to safety, security and sustainable prosperity.

Organizing and preparing a party for a victorious election is not an easy task but we are busy preparing for a successful election campaign and for our next period of good governance. Working together, with former Cabinet Ministers, senior party members and committed Bahamian professionals from the private sector, we are engaged in carefully crafting our platform, messaging and manifesto for roll out at the appropriate time.

The candidates’ interview and vetting committee has been at work for some time now interviewing potential candidates and as chairman of this committee I am encouraged by the many persons who are applying to carry the party’s victory banner in the next elections. They come with a wealth of experience in business, in professional life and with a variety of background and common sense experiences from all sectors of society. The selected team will be fully representative of men and women from the wider community combining youth with experience and we are confident that this team under the leadership of Dr. Minnis will represent the urgent and specific needs of all Bahamians.

The Christie administration has failed us! The time has come for all Bahamians who wish to see change and better to unite under the leadership of the FNM and work toward building a new and better Bahamas


  1. The fact that CA Smith is in charge of such committee speaks to the downhill of the FNM. The old guard in that party is just as bad as the old guard they speak of in the PLP.

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