Well they keep breaking up our RBDF new fleet – is this the plan?


Christie Government spent $232m Sandy Bottom Project which included 9 new RBDF FLEET and NEW BASE DOCKING CONSTRUCTIONS! Minnis Government just borrowed $252 Million from the IMF – and THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OR ACCOUNTING AS TO WHAT IT IS FOR? WELL WHAT IS THIS?!!!

RBDF at Coral Harbour Base. (BIS Photo/Eric Rose) – FILE PHOTO

A Board of Inquiry has been launched by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) into the recent groundings of two of its vessels, the RBDF said in a statement on Thursday.

The organization advised that the HMBS Rolly Gray was grounded on Monday.

“This is the second unfortunate incident in recent times and board of inquiry has been convened to determine the events surrounding the incidents,” the RBDF said.

It is unclear when the first grounding occurred.

“Further the Royal Bahamas Defence Force wishes to reassure the general public that those placed in command positions are highly trained naval officers who have graduated from international training academies and college with high performance standards.

“The Royal Bahamas Defense Force has taken measures to strengthen the assessment, selection and professional development of our officers to ensure that such incidents are minimized in the immediate and future.”

The RBDF said measures include incident analysis workshops of prior mishaps to identify human error and the reinstatement of prospective craft command qualifying courses, among others.