Western Air makes an emergency crash landing



Western Air aircraft taking off in Andros. (File Photo)

Nassau, Bahamas: Residents and visitors had the scare of their lives yesterday as Western Air crash landed and ran into the bushes as it made its way onto the runway in South Bimini.

One resident said it was the shock of her life as the pilot lost control of the plane as it descended onto the runway. The passenger told Bahamas Press that the aircraft had to be removed out of the bushes following the ‘landing scare’. No one was injured during the incident and still no official word  has yet come from Western Air or transport officials about the insident.

Bahamas Press is becoming concerned with the safety of Western Air’s aging fleet.


  1. This is no criticism, they plane CRASH LANDED into the bushes of the South Bimini Airport? You mean to tell me you (FARMER) don’t know the difference between fact and fiction?

    Fiction is when the NO one not the police nor Air Traffic officials fail to report something occurred FROM THURSDAY LAST WEEK!

    FACT is when Bahamas Press report it Friday morning, and then on Saturday, after the FACT the WUTLESS TRIBUNE decide to report what everyone tried to bury!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Western air has been a provider for many unfortunate Bahamians especially Androsian. From the day this company was launched there has been criticisms from every angle of our country regarding the owners and operators. Keep soaring like you do Western Air one day in the near future you will be the National Carrier.

  3. LOL Drama KIng wrong fa dat Peter that bad off aye? Man Westernair seem like that gat maintainence issue man MEDIA why dont you launch an investigation into westernair?

    and form a blue ribbon committee to report ya findings that will never come out till someone die

    someone gatta do something where is the gov minister? look into this man

  4. What could have caused this pilot to crash land? Did Peter Adderley write this airline another bounced check to cover the $100,000 bounced check he wrote for Just Rush travels and the pilot was shocked when he fouond out? Tell me please !! I want to know.

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