What are we going to do about the slaughter of women and children to violence?


The slaughter of women and girls in the Bahamas is unprecented. Women and their children are victims of the most violent acts in this society and justice cannot be felt. Have we lost the society and fail to announce it? What has gone wrong to cause such evil to invade our country?

(2021)- 18-year-old Jilly Fleur, a recent graduate of SC Bootle High In Abaco. Was shot dead and her younger brother injured during a shooting in The Farm in Treasure Cay, Abaco. January 3rd 2021. She is Gone but not forgotten.

(2021)-19-year-old Kendise “Pearl” Smith was found shortly after 4 pm on a vacant property at South Creek Close off of Marshall Road with blunt force trauma injuries to her head on January 18. 2021. She may be gone but not forgotten.

(2020)-Eight-year-old Ednique Wallace and her mother Alicia Sawyer, 30. A MOTHER and her child were found slain at their Nassau Village home. September 28, 2020
Police suspect the double killing came after a domestic dispute. Gone but not forgotten.

(2020)-34-year-old Mellisa Hui and 62-year-old Jane Harding two bright lights that were put out. They were both found on February Saturday 28 2020 on long island. Both hard-working women they may be gone but not forgotten.

(2019)-17-year-old Kenricka Aremintha Martin was found on Wednesday 27th November 2019 raped, beaten and, murdered behind Stokes Cabana Property Yamacraw Beach. Kenricka’s life was cut short she was said to be a very ambitious and talented young lady who wanted to make a difference in this world. She may be gone but not forgotten.

2019-30-year- old Monet Anastasia Darville was known to some as “Apple” she was a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend. She was taken from us on September 24 2019. She may be gone but not forgotten.

(2015)-40-year-old Joyelle McIntosh a teacher at Queen’s College was also a mother of two sons. She was described by friends and family as being a gem not only to her students but also to parents. She was taken from us on November 11th 2015. She may be gone but not forgotten.

(2014) -19-year-old Latheria “Lulu” Moss was found murdered on May 18, 2014, in the bonefish pond area off Cowpen Road, about a quarter-mile through Farm Road. Another beautiful light that was taken too soon. She may be gone but not forgotten.

(2014)-17-year-old Devonya Major Young was found dead on December 22nd 2014 off Gladstone Road another beautiful young person has gone too soon. She may be gone but not forgotten.

(2013)-22-year-old Morgan Wells, the young woman described by some to be “Free-spirited, Outgoing, having High Energy and a Friendly attitude,” she was the young woman who was shot multiple times in a hail of bullets following a car chase and shootout on Monday 29th 2013. She may be gone but not forgotten.

24-year-old Nyoshi Adderley went missing on February 22 around 10:00 a.m. and was found weeks later in bushes off Cowpen Road on a Sunday. This young lady was said to be so full of life and vibrant. She may be gone but not forgotten.