What did Christie do in the last 5 months? Destroyed the FNM! – New Day Comes to North Abaco


Renardo Curry is MP- Elect for North Abaco

FNM North Abaco candidate Greg Gomez

Treasurer Cay, North Abaco –Many believed the turning of the tide for the next MP for North Abaco began Saturday night following a mega PLP campaign swing in the community.

The FNM tuned down their campaign in the area and could not afford the live TV.

And so the question must be: “Why did the FNM lose North Abaco, a seat held by former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham for the last 35 years?”

Perhaps some readers could begin to look at the abandonment by Ingraham. Hubert Ingraham on May 7th, after telling North Abaco to give him 5 more years as their representative, abruptly announced that he would resign as an MP and Party leader. This was not good.

First of all, Ingraham didn’t consult with North Abaco on his decision to leave. He didn’t tell any of his colleagues in advance before his announcement, nor did he discuss with FNMs. Therefore from the beginning of this transition, Ingraham abandoned the FNM mechanics in the seat.

Secondly, it goes without question the FNM presented to North Abaco the most dreadful candidate ever. Greg Gomez was an unknown to the community. He wasn’t sure when he left the Bahamas. He couldn’t tell the media when he returned. He was unclear as to what he did and didn’t know where he taught. He was unemployed! Placed on the Government’s 52-week program by Ingraham, he told people he was victimized and terminated from his job, and then a letter of resignation written in his own hand surfaced.

Greg Gomez was a bad candidate!

Renardo Curry is MP Elect for North Abaco.

Thirdly, the FNM ran a campaign that was disorganized. In Bahamianese: it was all “Capunkale-up”! To use the theme “Victimization” was a miscarriage and echoed a chapter in Bahamian politics that was written and edited by Hubert Ingraham.

It was a thoughtless plan! A bad idea! A silly election theme! And could not be sold to the people of North Abaco.

They could not sell their candidate! They hid the candidate just like the biblical character Miriam who hid the prophetic child and removed him far away from the press. But again, this is the hold Hubert Ingraham has on them: placing and forcing a candidate not desired by the FNM!

The Opposition spoke to no new ideas, nor have they reset themselves following a crashing national election defeat on May 7th.

Hubert Ingraham has done a serious disservice to the FNM.

But we need to come together now and remember we have a country to rebuild, community to heal, lives to save following the fallout of this bad economy.

Elections are all about the future. The People of North Abaco captured the imagination of that future in Renardo Curry. They believed his message, plan and vision for the community.

North Abaco went with the PLP and as they say… The rest is history…

The Abaco Dragon is slayed!

We report yinner decide!