What happened with the vaccines we paid for but yet to received to fight COVID19?

Scores suffering from COVID19 at PMH Critical Care Block in elements.

The Editor
Bahama Press

Dear Editor,

I am still in shock after hearing the words issued out of the mouth of the Leader of this country this past Monday when he declared that the pandemic is OVER for vaccinated Bahamians but not for the non-vaccinated.

I think that this is the most callous, insensitive and asinine words ever uttered from the lips of this man. Additionally he said that he’s trying to organize for cruise ships to take Bahamians to Florida to receive vaccines. Now, I would like answers to some questions….

  1. How did the PM come to the conclusion that there are 2 pandemics?
  2. What empirical evidence does the PM & the Minister of Health have to support the claim that the increase in cases occurred over the July 10th Holiday?
  3. According to the latest released data, 950 new cases were reported thus far for the month of July 2021. How many of these persons had received partial or full vaccination?
  4. Contrary to popular belief, being vaccinated DOES NOT PREVENT you from contracting Covid. So why is there this push only for vaccination?
  5. How many persons who had died from Covid in The Bahamas in 2021 were vaccinated?
  6. Why are tourists allowed to walk around some of the family islands without masks and not practicing social distancing?
  7. Do you think any cruise ship will allow hundreds of unvaccinated persons to travel on their ships after they have gone through so many problems to finally be able to sail again?
  8. Where were the Covid police when the big junkanoo rushout( no social distancing) was held last weekend for a young lady who was buried at Woodlawn gardens? Or are we to assume that EVERYONE including the little children who participated were vaccinated?
  9. What has happened to the money/and or THE VACCINES that the govt paid as a deposit for the country many months ago?
  10. How did you run out of vaccines? The PAID Vaccines have yet to reach!

I would like to suggest to both the PM & the MOE that they spend more time & money on testing & contact tracing. Mr Minnis PLEASE STOP GIVING US FALSE INFORMATION!

Based on your comments in recent months you told Bahamians who are fully vaccinated that they can return to normalcy and “carry on smartly”. Let me remind you, being vaccinated doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid.


The government has mishandled this pandemic from day one. Covid 19 will be with all of the world for quite some time and we will all have to learn how to coexist with it.

The time is NOW for us to have FREE TESTING FOR COVID in this country. For those of you who believe that Mr. Minnis will arrange for you to go to Florida on a cruise ship to be vaccinated, he might as well arrange for you all to travel on the Yarmouth Castle or go to Alaska to buy ice from an Eskimo.

Ms. S. Brown