What has Papa done to this Country?

Protesters clash with riot police in Rawson Square today at shouts for Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to leave the country got loud. Police in riot gear along with dogs entered the square.

Nassau, Bahamas — We here at BP went to Parliament today with thousands of other Bahamians. We were shocked and amazed by the barricades and Police Officers sent out by the Outgoing Ingraham Corrupt Regime to thwart the rights of the Citizens. We thought we were in Libya or Tunisia. A lady was beaten with a baton and taken to the hospital, someone has to pay for the shameful act.

Ingraham sent the dogs out at the people gathered in Parliament Square today.

We cry shame on the Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest, who supposedly had the Police acting like a military Junta against the good people of this Country.

We cry shame on the Commissioner of Police for allowing these acts to happen. Well we do not think any better of the madman, Papa Ingraham who now cannot be distinguished from Col Gadhafi in our minds. The Police brought Dogs to Bay Street to stop a peaceful demonstration by the Union Members. This cannot be right, is this what Papa thinks of us?- that we are dogs?. We cry shame on the FNM members who sit and say nothing while Papa destroys this Country with his policies.

We did have a few friends who we protected on the Government side and members of the Cabinet, however, at this time, all bets are off. If they can sit as mutes- deaf, blind and dumb, we will make them pay at the polls.

We cry dutty wutless shame on Papa and the entire FNM Government for bringing the Dogs to Bay Street, we now need to treat them like the Mongrels they are, we are hopping mad. PAPA shame on you, Tommy, double Shame on you, we pray to the “Almighty” that you all get your just reward.

Brave Davis at the Parliament Door. MPs could not get in the door of the Parliament.
Thousands in Rawson Square today.


  1. Everything has a beginning. Today the dogs. Tomorrow the guns and then the next time massive gunning down of the people. Do you understand this people? It all starts somewhere. We have to look beyond the presnt and see what is being done and had things been different and escalated what would be the next move. The true quetsion is do we really have a democracy in this country. If so then the people ought to be able to protest, demonstrate without there being dogs or riot polce called in. What? Bahamians are a violent people now?

  2. @wifey211

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with several points included in your post and hope that you are willing to respond in defence of your views.

    (1) Our educatiuon system suffers from “systemic failure” and to only assign blame to the poor performing students who eventually become the functional iiliterates within our society is to apply too narrow an evaluation of the problem. Our problem with stimulating students to pursue education as a high priority stems from THE FACT THAT A WAITER OR WAITRESS WHO DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL OR PERFORMED POORLY WHILE IN SCHOOL CAN STILL EARN AS MUCH AS $800 PER WEEK AT ONE OF OUR HOTELS AND COMFORTABLY LIVE A MIDDLE CLASS LIFE IN THIS COUNTRY. In most developed countries not doing well in school or dropping out of school is like embracing poverty for a lifetime, therefore even the students value education. Fidel Castro got Cuba out of the tourism industry when he realized that the industry “dumbed down” those who are employed in it (no special skills needed to work in it while it offered high salaries when compared with other industries where a good education was a requirement). Today Cuba has the highest per capita amount of college graduates in the western world. We went the other way (and are still going – BahMar), so it should not be surprising to find that our population is the among the least educated in the region. That goes with the territory (tourism as an only industry does that to you over time).

    (2) I ALSO DISAGREE THAT A NEW HOSPITAL SHOULD BE BUILT WITH THE FUNDS FROM THE BTC SALE. Why? Well everybody knows that the people who benefit most from our public hospitals and clinics are migrants (legal and illegal) not Bahamians. To build a newer, larger and better equipped hospital will only invite more of this abuse of our institutions. Additionally, we (Bahamians) carry the maintenance and supplies costs alone while migrants get FREE SERVICE AND FREE MEDICINE. If we find that only 1 out of every 4 patients are Bahamians (25%), then to spend the 210 million dollars in this way (I know the net proceeds from sale is far less) is to create a circumstance through the spending of it which only gives Bahamians 25% of its benefits. I would prefer that the entire amount be paid on our national debt (at least we know that only Bahamians will benefit in this way). I find your suggestion that we “squander” the funds an unacceptable proposal.

    I hope that you attempt to defend your views. I have an additional 7 points of disageement with your views.

  3. Though I can’t say i agree with many of the opinions expressed on this thread what is impressive is the ability of Bahamians from all backgrounds and viewpoints to express their conceptions of “bahamianness”. I would argue that the common theme articulated in people’s responses is where they see themselves in The Bahamas (whether as part of an agentive majority of feeling individuals of a distinct clan or as separate from a mass of uneducated hooligans who lack the intelligence or moral fortitude to protest for more than immediate material gain) and where they see The Bahamas and Bahamians in the world. Truly this level of discourse about bahamianness could not have come about without the crystallization of a Bahamian sense of self which has its roots in transatlantic migrations and flowers intensely in the present day. Though I cannot come down with such vitriol against all foreigners in the Bahamas or against all those who might disagree with my particular stance on the matter, it occurs to me that what is unconsciously being promoted by everyone is the legitimacy of the Bahamas in the arena of globalization and modernity. The question then, if this observation can be substantiated, is how do we as individuals organized within a collective find common ground in asserting this sense of self? How do we transcend the particulars of discourse to communicate more effectively on this issue that seems to be of such central concern to so many?

    Prime Minister Ingraham has taken a particular stance on where he sees the Bahamas in the world. Can we say that it is one which promotes communication and understanding, with a view to developing the sense of being Bahamian? Personally I would say that these protests are more about being heard and projecting a national identity than the specifics of the deal with Cable and Wireless. This protest started the day those individuals who protested felt their sense of bahamianness was devalued and their voices were ignored. The act of protest is, in essence, a demand to be heard and it begins at the point when a deaf ear is turned.

    • half the population cant read or write it needs good education most dont even understand about shares let alone have the funds to buy them. BTC is lucky to be sold for the amount it has been. in the field it is worse than useless with connecting or reconnecting, one of the lines comes down take 6 weeks to repair and if you give the BTC engineer a few dollars he does it in a day, connecting the internet well that another story half the time the mobiles dont work, the call rates are stupidly expensive.. cmon it needs a shake up, you just using it to voice your contempt against the FNM it wouldnt matter who in office its the same shit different day, they all promise and hardly deliver a thing.. that is worldwide what is going to happen to the sale money i hope they build a new hospital and bring in more doctors so when people hurt they can get the attention that you would expect in the states.. Why do Bahamians go to the states for their operations and state that the medical treatment in Nassau is so bad they wouldn’t put a dog in there to get stitched up. There’s a lot to sort out which you should expect from living in an upmarket beautiful country that tourists love to come to, The Bahamas is a precious country unlike anywhere in the world see it for what it is, its one of the main industries, all them people running around screaming and shouting is unnerving to many who dont see anything like that,its scary the first ting they thinking hell im never coming back here they a bunch of hooligans you know the way they think.. same as who the heck is going to egypt anytime soon, their tourist industry has gone to zip and who suffering the people, the government dont care but its the people on the street that gotta survive until it settles down again. go get an education, become worldy and come back and open businesses and beat the foreigners that way, open businesses that are way better than the foreigners, its only because you dont know how that you getting left behind.. globalisation is here and it may have just reached the gateway but its not going anywhere you cannot stop it, who likes it … no one, if you dont have globalisation the bahamas will get left behind and even more poorer bahamians in the long run and treated worse then they are now. No one got rich working for someone else or stealing off someone else either make your own way in life and you get the rewards..use everything that going on to your advantage..chinese coming in then find something they will use or do cash in on the opportunity take the money out of their pockets that they earning in the bahamas. move with the tide and you go upwards, move against and you drown..

  4. @mussy242

    Will do. Will do. I monitor this site to confront them and to apply “blistering criticism” to their shallow views.

  5. @tom jones

    Since you requested help towards understanding “what the protest is about”, I’ll fill tyhe void for you.

    (1) The protest is not about BTC in an absolute way (don’t miss that). in the same way that the march led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not “restricted” to concerns about the mistreatment of blacks on public buses, as highlighted in the incident involving one Rosa Parks, because of seating arrangements by the department of transportation. This is about the mentality that denies and restricts opportunities to Bahamians while EVERYONE ELSE is GIVEN CONCESSIONS, AND EVEN LAWS THAT STIFFLE FREE ENTERPRISE ARE ENACTED, TO SEE TO THEIR SUCCESS. Where was your voice when Cable Bahamas was given a 15 years monopoly (an affront to true capitalism)? Do you equally condemn the same kind of excessive prices to consumers for the quality of merchandise/services that Cable Bahamas provides? Or, are you so busy enjoying the “returns on investments” through share price appreciation to concern yourself with that matter. Are you aware that their prices are the highest in the region, using a comparison of number of channels offered per monthly dollar cost?

    We are not the 1940s Bahamain, naive black men who are afraid to look white men in the eyes and are immediately apologetic when a white man frowns at us. You are dealing with university educated and exposed black men and women and you have no sway over us, Tom Jones. We will use our voice and vote to advance OUR INTEREST. Yes, this democracy with all of its power and influence will now be manipulated TO SERVE US. WE WILL TAKE OUR PLACE AMONG THE BUSINESS CLASS OF THIS COUNTRY AND NO LONGER BE ITS DESIGNATED CONSUMERS.

    Educated to benefit

    • @STORM thank you, you got it right. There are alot of supposed ‘bahaimians’ that think their own people are no good, and are too stupid to do anything right. That is a slave mentality….to think your own people cant be good enough ….so you must look elsewhere. I hope you keep tellin them like it is.

  6. Hubert Ingraham, his FNM cronies and the arrival of the dogs on Bay St. reminded me of the book ANIMAL FARM…..”four legs good, two legs bad” was uttered by the pig leader only to be changed later by the same pig to “four legs good, two legs better”. If you read the book and remember how it ended, the poor, used and abused animals all eventually turned on the evil pigs and trampled them to death.

  7. Quick question , just some food for taught, What benifit has BTC ever been to the avrege man in this community, other then a every day rip off , how is it that BTC has the highest phone prices in the world but yet makes the least profit in the world…The bahamas in the only place where if you make a call from one family island to the other its an international call…come on people what is the protest for ..i guess bad treatment and victimization is a great tasting stick of candy that we cant seem to get enough of…and on the question of cable & wireless creditability here is where you will find the facts..http://www.cwc.com/past-present/our-history.html they are the only global telecomunication provider in the world people …ATNT wants to go global and cant because they would have to buy into cable and wireless network inorder to do so. so lets not be followers of hear say lets do our own research and get the facts so that the entire world dont look at us as fools.

    • yeah and when C&W come in you’ll be payin PER MINUTE to make calls in NASSAU!! with your land-line , unless you pay for an expensive unlimited plan. cause thats how its done in the UK AND in the States. Mr. Jones. Seriously just think ….you actually think they will LOWER COSTS!! why in the world would they do that ? they want to keep the money rollin in to pay off that big deficit they have goin on over here in the UK. I’m talkin billions in debt. Dont belive me just google it and read up my brother. Lets be real its an investment for them , when you INVEST in something you want to INCREASE cash flow not decrease it . Thats just common sense. and even if you get ya “cheap iphone and blackberry” guess what ..you WILL pay elsewhere in admin fees and late fees and reconnection fees, etc.. Im all for selling BTC but let bahamians have a choice to buy in and if they want to sell it to C&W….why not 41 % or even 45% so that Bahamians keep the majority share. EVEN if the government hogs the profit from BTC…At least the money is in nassau payin our civil servants and government workers …and not going to pay off C&W’s debt…

    • @tommy jones
      Can you provide the source of your assertion that BTC has one of the highest phone rates but make the least profit.I have stated previously that I support privitization but recognise that affected persons are afraid of their place in the scheme of the reorganization of BTC/Lime.CSME seems to be alive and under our very noses the Bahamian professional is being marginalsed In the present climate any FNM parliamentarian who supports this sale risks being voted out come the next Gen Elections.

  8. Ya knat i find funny when government supporters only low blow is to say that before 1992 we did not have freedom of speech on the airways or internet HA. Ya know thats just like someone saying, eventhough a man beats his wife half to death every night becuase he is a drunk, he is a good man becuase he pays the bills. I mean really!!! For God sake put right where right is due and wrong where it should be. This government is wrong for wanting us to accept them selling BTC. Come up with a new plan.

  9. Yall all tired of Hubert to go put Perry back in suckteeth. We need to run all two of them. Perry will not change a ting with that btc sell and you know Baha Mar is one of the forces driving The government to get out of utilities. Wake up Bahamas we just getting played by both parties we need a change. I guess it will be Perry again 5years with just talks awaits. I’m just tired need change.

  10. @mica

    You repeat this silly line regardless of the topic under discussion (in every post). Frankly, it is all you ever write. I hope it is not a reflection of your full capability and capacity. Our public schools have truly failed us, AND SOME OF US MORE THAN OTHERS – right Mica.

  11. LIME soon come…cheap minutes n iphone n blackberry. Small man gon finally get good rates. Silly Union Terrorist gats ta go!

    • Mica,

      Please , for your sake, EXERCISE SOME COMMON SENSE!! this is a small island with under 400,000 people. HOW LOW DO YOU THINK THE DAMM RATES CAN GO???????????????????????????? I mean really, how the hell low do you think they can lower the rates? IF AT ALL. If AT&t and Verizon who cater to millions of people can only offer $69.99 packages, ya think LIME would offer cell rates at 5cents???


  12. I pay my bills because of these tourists and who ever owns BTC expects me to use their dollars to pay my bill but i still have to smile, be polite and welcome these tourists who spends over 1 billion dollars in our country and causes the employment of over half the population of bahamians indirectly or directly, so me who works on bay st and have to watch tourists and cruise ship passengers refuse to come down town and support me and my family then am upset. Like it or not its because of Tourism that many of us could spend and spend freely. Workers in Wisconson don’t depend on Tourism…they depend on manufacturing,argriculture,mining and shipping, so any person living in Wisconson will be angry if some folks small majortity trys to damage their industry. In Egypt the natural gas, oil, chemical, and steel are their main industries. In Libya its oil and natural gas…so comparing the trials going on in those places to the Bahamas with Tourism has to be taken into consideration when we go downtown and have to bring riot gears to prevent idiots from getting to unruley. Like I said before whoever owns BTC, these same Tourism dollars have to pay for their service so think about us workers when you decide to come down town and act the fool and for a reason that grants the Bahamas Globalization to compete worldwide…I work for tips

  13. Thanks Mussy242,
    you said it right! If you’re rights are being trampled on and you are being ignored, you have to make noise! When they disrespect you and say THEY know whats best for us, then you gotta make your voice heard!
    All these detractors, like you said, have jobs and have no compassion or true knowledge of the suffering of many in this country. They think because they are doing well, everyone musse alright! I applaud each and every person that had the courage and fortitude to go out there and be heard and be counted. Furthermore it was a peaceful demonstration, no weapons or force, so no one needed to feel threatened, and those tourists probably thought they were getting in on history in the making, that they were witnessing something momentous! I bet any of those tourists who watched will now have a personal interest in what is happening in the Bahamas, they will probably tell their families and friends back home, and we might start an international following! Wonderful!

  14. Yall mussy ain never watch Parliment in Britian, especially the english parliment, They are just as un-civilised as they can be throwin stuff at each other. I would not even talk about Ireland. IM Proud Bahamians are starting to get it , we have to fight for what we want. just as long as no one gets killed I see no harm in what was done today. And for you all think this is embarrising… I young but i was payin attention in social studies. Demonstrations like this had to be done by our ancestors so yall could sit here runnin on wit foolishness, if it was not for them we would still be hoppin ova da wall to go ta work!!!! and @Charles talkin about go to work ….If it was not for these “acts of the poeple” you would not have any work to go to. Thank GOD you have a Job but you should have compassion for those who dont have one!!!!

    • @ mussy242….why dont you go join the people ireland and those other places and join the front line, help them out. Yes I do have a job as a owner of a few businesses that employs 10 persons, yes i do contribute to the development of a better BAHAMAS, yes i am happy no one got killed on wed. hope it dont come to that….but i know for sure some PLP operatives are pushing for BLOOD ON BAY den blame HAI…..how sad my people

      • You missed the point of what I said.. WE ALL have a right to express our freedom of speech, there is no need to get personal …Alot of people who were out there were out of a job, or probably work at BTC and may be about to lose one. its their RIGHT if they want to protest something they are against. THAT is what I’m saying you should have compassion and understanding for…. but hey thats just the way I feel. THATS MY RIGHT!

  15. What Dogs? One Dog? Thats the dog that inspects the house of assembly everytime before they meet. lol. that was a good spin bp but not good enough. lol

  16. Yall een serious….I can’t afford to live in my own country and should act rite because visitors ga get upset????They having unrest in their own countries and they een tellin them to behave because we might not come spend our thousands or dollars in their country…….they understand better than us how to fight for what they believe…..we just learnin…they are the masters…..


  17. k4c and Cooke sounds like two of the craziest idiots i’ve ever heard.The BTC Deal to Cable & Wireless is simply stupid.Now if these two wants to continue kissing Ingraham’s ASS,they need to do it at their own expense,and on Ingraham’s time.

    • When I left the Bahamas the UBP was in government and I voted PLP then……..I look at my rootes and wonder what the hell happened to logic. I subscribe and follow the logic of Wile E. Coyote….. never give up.

    • They ain’t worth running on with; they will understand and catch they self one day…lol. Thank God they are not leading this country….also, remember that they can be one of them….you know who them is don’t you?

  18. Cooke, people like you would be better off in the Cayman Islands where the expats dominate everything. URCA has hired a Cable & Wireless V.P. (Barbados) to advise them on human resources (hence the dismissal of three Bahamians this week). That is a conflict because URCA has to review and approve the BTC deal (HAH!!)plus the head of URAC is a former CEO of C&W St.Lucia. This appears to be a criminal conspiracy to infiltrate and undermine our institutions aided by a compliant and corrupt regime. If the military were to spank us up as you stupidly wish, people like you would not like to see the backlash. Pimps and uncle toms like you would be the first to get “mash up” when the people rise up. You do not stand for anything, and you fall for stupidity. What a jackass!!! Lord help us with “slaves” like Cooke.

  19. Papa has challenged people for too long regardless of the consequences.If you seize a dog he would eventually bite you.The many insults has caused the people to come out and even though I agree it is not good circumstances has caused this response.Am a believer in privitization but the opposition to the sale of BTC is too loud for any Govt to ignore.Poor Tommy T he had to take the heat as Papa fled.Some serious things had the Police disobeying the law as they even prevented MPs from entering Parliament.The genie is out of the bottle therefore the Govt must rescind their MOU and just step back from the precipice.

  20. I honestly don’t understand this entire story at all… but what i can say is that yes we want to get our voices heard and we have disagreements but why go to the extend were guns have to be used? We say that were a Christian Nation lets act like it because our Lord and savior is coming soon and we will all have to answer to every wrong doing…. Let’s not put our BIBLE down for no man and forget how to PRAY for no man.

  21. we as a people have every right to demonstrate,its your Godgiven right,but i hope we are demonstrating on the issues at hand the sale of B.T.C. and not because of a few individuals personal hatred for the prime minister.I hope everything can be resolved in a peaceful manner because despite the majority of ungrateful Bahamians,we still have a great country and we will have our chance to select the next government very soon.

    • I think the protest is politically driven. I will surely not go on Bay Street and protest against the sale of BTC. I do understand the meaning of globalization and support the sale. What I don’t support is the selling of BTC on a “I owe you” bases as it were discussed previously. These same Bahamians that want to purchase or said want to purchase BTC are the ones that have huge Electrical bills and custom bills that have gone unpaid for years. So what you think they will pay for BTC in installments. If this march is about the sale of BTC then let’s have a float for those who supports the sale. Trust me this march has not a damn thing to do with BTC. It’s politically driven. This is the type of unrest that opposition politicians live and strive on. I love my country and my fellow country men whether black, white, PLP or FNM. And about the tourist, yes we have the right to demonstrate but I am with K4C on this. Our Tourist do not have to see a bunch of Bahamians (I am quite sure many very loud and unruly) carrying on like a bunch uncivilized people. What is done is done. If you are against whatever you are marching for then like said earlier the next election is coming. This is where the people speak loud and clear.

      • Notice what you said STUBBY, “YOU THINK!” We believe politics played a role, but people are sick and tired of Hubert Ingraham REGIME!


        • so it wasnt about the sale of btc? it was about the FNM being in power? or is this protest goin to make hubert buy btc back from cable and wireless?

  22. Personally ..I have no problem with the BTC protest on Bay StreeT…but my greatest concerns are the hidden agendas by union members and the “blind to the fact” innocent protestors. The wwriting is on the wall and it is clear as day….”BTC will b sold” no matter what!!!!! and as for U violent protesters: Violence begets Violence…….

    • So you’re saying that the people should sit back and let the government step all over their rights so that foreigners can come in enjoy their time here while we get treated like nobody?

  23. Trouble makers… these protesters are.The police need to do their job and give those idiot protesters a good cut a.. they talking about police had dog at rawson square YA NEED animals for rebellious thugs and jungless THEY SHOULD REALLY BE TO WORK OR IF THEY DON’T LIKE THE JOB QUIT WHO GIVE AH F…. ! ………. PAPA NEED TO PUT THIS BABY TO SLEEP AND SELL THIS S…. !

  24. @ K4C and Cooke

    You must always respect the right of citizens to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate against ‘their’ government!
    Remember also there is a ‘Constitutional’ right of assembly. Additionally, ‘democracy’ is not when ‘you’ or some citizens have the right to voice your opinion but when ‘all’ people within said democracy have a right to also state ‘their’ opinion in response to your freedom of speech. As for our ‘Tourist’ that will learn that the Bahamas is a ‘Democratic’ country! Just like the people in the state of Wisconsin in the United States took over the ‘state house’ and ‘peacefully’ protested their Governors decision on govt employees taxes and pension, we to as citizens of this Commonwealth have the same right! Please never advocate ‘violence’ against our people. Citizens please respect the police and the police respect our citizens! God Bless the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!

  25. @k4c. what did u say when the pm aproach william down town was that good? plzzz. dont go there this man is getting wat he ask for we put him there and we will take him out. sir lynden turn over in his grave. this man is power,& bottle drunk. what sick me is those big grown men at his side. that dont see when the pm go all of them gone. land slide cumin up.

  26. Trouble makers….thats all those protesters are.

    Why cant this country accept the fact that globalization is at our doorsteps, and now a days international companies have more money than some countries.

    These folks should have been educated a long time ago. If they were they would have done a better job at BTC and would make governmental/ Bahamian ownership of the company a more feasible option.

    The police need to do their job and give those idiot protesters a good cut hip! ………. SPANK THEM ALL!

    • you sound like a fool just like the Prime Minister, you all need to think fast and do the right thing. Some time you all make me to wonder if you all have any kids, they are our future generation. If you all do not care about yourselves please for God sake care about them and their future, We are moving on and getting older. THINK MAN, THINK MAN

    • Based on what is going on Hubert is not concerned about the well being of the average Bahamian. He is approving contract without clauses to provide employment to Bahamians. How is this fostering globalization in the Bahamas? All of his economic incentives have been structured to enrich everyone but Bahamians. I listen to his speeches and his tone is extremely disrespectful to Bahamians. He should be removed before he further destroys the economic foundation of the county.

    • @K4C

    • First off it doesn’t matter what companies have more money than others countries. If you are going to sell out your people and your country, then by all means, sell it as if its valuable. BTC is being sold for little or nothing and YOU truly consider the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE who protested to be “idiots”? Then by all means YOU are a FOOL! The Bahamian people have a right to express their views about something that will affect them. I’m a youth who knows and claims this to be MY BAHAMAS and will NOT stand for anyone to destroy what is left of a beautiful country. Maybe you should get the spanking and maybe sense would drizzle down to you. For those who have no faith in this country, then remove yourself and go somewhere else. Because in this lifetime “If You Stand For NOTHING, You Fall For Anything”. I consider you to be extremely foolish and unpatriotic. BTC has employed many Bahamians and because of such a sale, do you realize that those people will be out of jobs? If you can’t be patriotic to your country (if this is your country), then atleast have a heart. You clearly showed just how ignorant some Bahamians can be. No wonder why foreigners think of us to be stupid. I APPLAUD ALL OF THOSE SUPPORTERS, WHO FORMED A PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION!!!!

    • Why do many Bahamiams think that foriegn is better?
      Who built BTC into the million dollar company that it is?
      Do you think it is fair to put thousands of Bahamaians out of work to bring in foriegners?
      Well God help you if your children are Bahamians.

  27. This is GREAT for the Tourism Industry……BRAVO……great job…….I’m SURE tourist want to visit Nassau and see unrest……..this should be a boom for the new Bah Mar when it opens.

    • So K4C, you want the bahamian people to take into consideration what the tourist/foreigners will see or think when the Bahamian people take action? Are you serious?

      So when is a good time for the people to protest? Do tell because we dont want to inconvience the dam tourist, oh no. We dont want to step on the toes of the foreigners! All hail the tourist!

      Man if we as a people thought like that, the Bahamas would still be under British rule, governed by the UBP!

      Are you even remotely familiar with Bahamian history? Are you aware of the many times the people gathered in mass to protest on Bay St?

      There are and will be times in a nations life when its citizens have to and will express themselves. You may not agree with why they are doing it, but dont tell me i need to consider foreigners thoughts and feelings when i feel i have been slighted by my own government!

      I cant believe you really think that! A national asset is being given away and all you can think about is the tourist and the foreign owners of Baha Mar? Come on man, at least act like you patriotic!

      But why must i consider the tourist/foreigner first? This is my dam country! If I want to protest, in my country where i have a right under the constitution, your telling me i should be considerate of the foreigners while they and my government put deals together that benefit them and them only?

      You think those Egyptians, the other half a dozen countries in the middle east and the people in Wisconsin who are protesting right now gives a dam about what any tourist or foreigners want to see?

      Those folks feel they have been wronged by the people who lead them and are expressing themselves. What would you have them to do? Write a sternly worded letter to the powers that be?

      My God! You may not agree with the protest, but dont talk such garbage. People who think like you will be the first to sell this country out and the last to stand up for it!

    • It’s simpletons like you, who never able to either travel physically or explore the reading materials, to know that all over the globe,from the developed to the lesser ones, are protesting for something.In the USA this is how changes came about and so will be here is we continue to press on, so you need to get on your lion’s skin, you coward…

  28. I certainly don’t agree that our PM is another Col Gadhafi, but why the need for trained dogs? Trained dogs will deliver a serious bite and there is not stopping them. I really don’t want to believe that our PM would ever agree to these dogs. This takes us back to the early days of Freeport when they would close the gates separating Freeport from West End, because the Black Bahaman domestic and hotel workers had to exit Freeport by sundown. They had poorly trained German Sheppard dogs on duty. It would be wise if those in the FNM would demand that the PM stop his display of arrogance towards Bahamians.

  29. The difference is that you BP are able to ask this type of question in this country! You, BP, are able to write articles such as the ones daily lambasting government is allowed freely. Might I remind you BP that prior to 1992 freedom of speech and opening of airwaves and later on the broadcasting of Parliament were policies implemented under the FNM Government! I can clearly recall when in this country prior to my generation making the change in 1992, voices were silenced! Now you, BP, are able to express your views openly!!!! I would suggest that you recall how this country was under the governance of the PLP! Where is BP when we look at the state of the inner city, which are represented in parliament by members of the PLP??? Why don’t you address the representation provided by those members of the House of Assembly???? Why don’t you ask those representatives what is being done to improve the living conditions in their constituencies???? BP, you need to ask more pressing questions of those who continue to keep their supporters in a state of ignorance and at a level of poverty with outside toilets!!!

    • Tell Hubert Ingraham he is doing a goodd JOB in hiring all these foreigners in this country while Bahamians “EDUCATED” are unemployed and poor. THANKS HUBERT THANKS!



        • There you go Dacy…you can live on the food that YOU produce…oh wait, you don’t produce enough to sustain yourself. Well, then you can live off the revenue of the goods that you produce…oh wait, the only people that buy your straw goods are, you guessed it, foreigners. Hmmm…future looks pretty bleak with ignorance like your’s running so rampant.

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