How could Duane Sands – backed by Ingraham – lose to Turnquest who entered the race only 24 hours before election?

Dr. Hubert Minnis - Leader of the Opposition

Minnis is ya PAPA NAH!!!

The bad candidate in the Elizabeth by-election, Duane Sands, backed by Ingraham last week could not win...

Nassau, Bahamas — The talk this weekend – and we know for all this coming week – is the FNM Convention last Friday where FNMs removed its Chairman and Deputy Leader from power and replaced both with a team complimentary to Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Minnis appeared unmoved by the mounting editorial attacks which came from the Nassau Guardian in the Simon “Front Porch” column and material with the by-line of Candia Dames, but which we know is written by PAPA DEM! Nikki Kelly was also hoping Butler-Turner would be elected – but that, too, didn’t help.

If the election proved anything, it confirmed that print media in the Bahamas has little, if any, sway in politics in the Bahamas. It proved that the old “Dying Dinos” that went against Christie leading up to the 2012 general elections and against Dr. Minnis in these recent Party Elections do not have any influence when it comes to tilting the political conversation in the Bahamas. They failed against Mr. Christie and the PLP and now they have again failed against Dr. Hubert Minnis and the new direction within the FNM.

The saying is true as penned by Dr. Minnis following the by-election in North Abaco: “the era of Ingraham is over!” And if you don’t believe it, just watch what transpired at the Trinity Activity Centre on Friday. Duane Sands, the bad candidate in the Lizzy by election in 2010, was Hubert Ingraham’s hand-picked candidate for Deputy Leader of the FNM. Ingraham not only backed Sands, but he coached FNMs to support him as the #2. But it was not to be, especially after Sands went on national radio and committed that he would support the massacre of unwanted children [unborn] and believed that such an exercise should be “Supported and Financed by the State”.

FNM women cuss Loretta Butler-Turner silly at the convention for creating trouble in the party.

There was no joke here in Sands’ comments; it offended Catholics and the 60% single parents who have had children out of marriage. From the looks of things, the only prize Sands will ever get when it comes to elections is the one found in the Cracker Jack box. He has inherited the honour bestowed on Dion as being a ‘Most Seasoned Loser’ in politics. He has much to learn.

And then, further proof that the FNM is moving with its new captain was best displayed in the leader race. Butler-Turner [BIG SEXY] didn’t have a chance in hell. She allowed former dream team duo Tommy Turnquest and Dion Foulkes to jack up her campaign and throw it over the cliff, delivering a sure and certain defeat in the Friday poll. She was beaten 3 to 1!

FNMs not only delivered a PISS SLAP to BIG SEXY – but extended that slap to the sore losers [Tommy and Dion] on the convention floor. What a Party the victors had.

Now, come Monday morning, the people who write the National Review for Candia Dames and place her name on it will discover that what they say about the new leadership of the FNM does not mean one hill of beans to the general public nor FNMs, if you ask us. What is clear is that once again the old guard within the Party was defeated and a new crop is rising up to control and manage the FNM – and they are resolved that they are forming a NEW DAY within the FNM with Dr. Hubert Minnis.

And while they keep changing – we at BP and the public will be watching.

We report yinner decide!