What will happen to the two FNM Torchbearers involved in the PINEAPPLE PONZI SCHEME?


FNM Torchbearer Tessa Munroe has yet to pay for scamming Bahamians!

The number of persons scammed by FNM torchbearer Tessa Munroe back in 2017/18 at this facility on Zion Blvd.
CORRUPT FNM TORCHBEARER Tessa Munroe failed to show up for trial in 2018.

NASSAU| Last week is interesting in Parliament as the Minnis Government is making it a criminal offense to operate a PONZI Scheme in the country.

Now this is interesting because two members of the Free National Movement youth arm ripped off hundreds back in 2018 and justice for the victims was never served. 

You would recall Magistrate Samuel McKinney issued the arrest warrant for FNM Torchbearer Tessa Munroe who failed to appear for her case in the ponzi scam back in 2018.

Hundreds of people who collectively paid thousands to join the asue scheme filed a class action suit against her. And despite the fact that the Torchbearer was aided as she skipped town for Canada, no effort by the police though Interpole was made to pursue her return back to the country. Yall see how these lawless FNMs does behave? One law for you and another for them!

Not only Munroe was involved in that heist on poor people, but another big time FNM youth, who now seeks a nomination within the party was equally involved in the crimes. Boy we at BP ga have a campaign for him when the general elections are called!

BP wonders when justice will be pursued in this case and we wonder if the new law against such scams, when passed in Parliament, will go after the criminals on the run. Don’t get us wrong!

BP is watching this closely and we advised those scammed to look to Canada and file your actions there against Tessa Munroe in the courts there.

Munroe runs a successful stylist business in Canada and we are sure she could pay (With INTEREST) everyone robbed in her wicked CORRUPT exercise!

We report yinner decide!