When are we going to place blame where it should be placed – especially when children are being peddled for sex in this country?!


WHO HAS SPOKEN WITH THE PARENTS OF THE 14 YEAR OLD WHO HAD SEX WITH A 40 YEAR OLD MAN? Parents keep getting off free when their children are involved in sexual molestation…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press must now weigh in on this debate which has gained political steam following the four year sentence of a 40-year-old man who had sex with a 14 year old child. A CHILD!

The usual political suspects have gotten into the comments from the Minister of National Security and the DPP on the matter.

Bahamians however are going down the wrong road in this latest row gone political. Some believe, because of their comments, the Minister and the DDP should resign. This thought is asinine.

Bahamians must be careful to stay focused on these incidents in which CHILDREN in this society are being violated on a daily basis by WICKED NASTY MEN AND WOMEN who have no regard for the innocence of CHILDREN!

Almost every day in this country we have the missing profiles opened with young teens gone missing for days and when they return there is almost no discovery to help the police as to the whereabouts of this missing child.

For one thing, the persons always getting off in these incidents are the parents. WHERE WERE THE PARENTS of this 14 year old child who failed to present herself to school while one nasty big gray man violated her innocence day after day? NOT JUST ONCE!

Had it not been for the vigilance of neighbours perhaps the incident would still be going on – no matter who the DPP or Minister holding the office were.

For far too long in this country, BIG NASTY GRAY MEN AND WOMEN have violated the innocence of children, played on their emotions and destroyed their self-esteem in the process. And these shameful wicked acts continue without parents being held squarely responsible for what continues to happen in the church, in sports leagues, in social circles and playgrounds across the Bahamas and around the world. Forget the parents – lets blame the judge, or the Minister of National Security and every damn person else for the crimes.

PARENTS are letting down their children by the day in this country and are being let off the hook for the multiple social problems we continue to have with youth.

Who was benefiting from this “strange relationship” between the 40-year-old BIG GRAY NASTY MAN and the child? This is where we at BP are on this issue.

We at BP join Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C who made it clear on Friday that there should be “no tolerance for adults who prey on children for sex.”

We believe “the system” did its job, but we as a society must go further and examine more deeply the question of who is really benefitting from these incidents of sex with children.

We cannot stress it enough: parents first have a role to play and should feel the weight of all of our disgust on this issue.

And sadly, as a hypercritical society, we are letting parents off the hook and placing blame everywhere else. And that is the saddest part in this entire saga.

We report yinner decide!