When the speaker becomes too big for his britches….


Letter to the Audience….

Dear Mr Editor,

I was a very young lad at the time and perhaps did not understand what went wrong with Speaker Arlington Butler and Prime Minister Pindling that cost Speaker Butler his job as Speaker and caused his departure from the Progressive Liberal Party.

Today I am much older and fully understand as i watch Speaker Major strut his badges and defy his party and fellow colleagues in Parliament.

The Speaker is demonstrating the same attitudes and traits as Butler did,which convinces me that something grand happens to one when they ascend to the Speaker’s chair.

Speaker Major is in full control as he listens not to his government colleagues and admits he is more concerned about those in minority rather than protecting the right of every individual member.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Prime Minister Pindling has shown us how to deal with those who offend and call it friendly fire.

This would have been be unthinkable with the maximum leader Hubert Ingraham.

Mr. Leader, Prime Minister please apply urgent attention to this matter .

Thank you
Sharon Rolle