When will the Department of Immigration show an expat at Bahamar DA DOOR!? PART I


Elvin Ricardo Jupiter AKA RICK Jupiter MUST BE SHOWN THE DOOR!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has now collected the files of an expat in the country at the Bahamar Hotel who has exercised EGREGIOUS acts against Bahamians.

The UNDOCUMENTED foreign national has caused the termination of scores of Bahamians, who have endured the most violent insults while trying to make a living in their country of birth. 

We have studied the documents shown to us and are satisfied that the Assistant Director of Rooms at the Grand Hyatt at Bahamar in Cable BEACH should join another expat at Colina and leave. 

Bahamar was built so there could be attractive employment for Bahamians and for people who believe in treating all people with respect. We want to warn Grand Hyatt that this report, which will roll out piece by piece in the coming days, will not go well for yinner. AND WE HAVE DA PAPERS!

To the Department of Immigration, we wonder how is it BP can detect violators of the Immigration policy and yinner – who are paid handsomely to protect the place – cannot. 

Immigration should update their records on a Barbadian-now-Canadian Citizen who goes by the name Elvin Ricardo Jupiter. And if yinner don’t know who Rick Jupiter is, then you stay right there cause we ga educate yinner. 


We ga report yinner decide!