When will the people of Exuma get an Airport like the People of Abaco? Exuma International Airport Needs New Cleaners!!!!


BREAKING BP REPORT >>>> Exuma International Airport looks like a dump!

WELCOME to the Exuma International Airport!!! By DAMN!

Where is the National Pride? Where are the cleaners? WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS????

BP had to use the bush after seeing the state of the bathroom!

George Town, EXUMA – What is clear is the fact that only Bahamas Press these days appear to have the interest of the Bahamian People. The wutless media dem are not concerned about yinner! And the politicians are playing games.

Here what we present today is the present state of the International Airport in Exuma.

Pictures reflect a sad and sorry state of this facility. And you must wonder where are the taxes collected to maintain this airport? Where are the people employed to clean the building? Where are the maintenance people hired by the taxpayers to upkeep the property? Why is no one answering to this deplorable state? NOT A DAMN WORD FROM THE MINISTERS WITH RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUCH UP-KEEPS!

The bathroom is ‘pissy’ and looks as if it didn’t have a solid clean in years! Wood floors have holes! The roof is leaking. And the ‘dutty’ walls looks as if the last time the damn place had paint was when paint was first introduced to the world.

The entrance door is covered with black garbage bag for cover the view between the domestic and international departure lounges. Doors and windows wide-open cause da damn a/c has been broken down for months!

These are extremely nasty unacceptable conditions! And why are we paying people who cannot maintain the building?


Urinal filthy! Bathroom needs a good cleaning!