After Bahamas Press questioned this ad approved by the ministry of tourism, the government fired the agency in Europe that produced it. We question, where are the new online ads for the Bahamas?

Nassau, Bahamas: The minister of tourism Vincent Wallace told ZNS TV 13 that that tourism was boosted following an article in the New York Times which stated that “The Bahamas is the place to be…”

Bahamas Press wonders what goes on in the heads of these ministers when they speak. Our question is, how did the minister know there was a boost? What indicator is there to confirm that the article caused a surge in tourist coming to the Bahamas? Last week the director general said new commercial would make a difference, now the minister is saying its an article. And the minister said nothing about the new commercials.

We wonder if anyone on here has heard the new ads by the ministry of tourism. What was the cost for the ads – if they truly exist? Where are they running, and our most desperate question, WHY ARE THE NEW ADS for the THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM NOT POSTED ONLINE??????? (WHERE OVER 2 BILLION PEOPLE CAN VIEW).

Bahamas Press has thousands of global readers alone and would be glad to post the new ads on our website. But we hope many of you are reading what we are reading, THERE ARE NO NEW ADS PERIOD!

Here is an ad from Atlantis online! It is one of several. But there are no NEW ads from The Bahamas ministry of tourism, or are we in the Bahamas paying for this Atlantis ad also? Is this part of the Atlantis concessions HUBERT?


  1. at this time of crisis in the Bahamas our country is a sinking ship and the captain and crew cant be found.

  2. And we remind our readers, the New York Times is online and when you come across that article to which minister Wallace is referring, please pass it on. We have yet to find it.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. Bahamas Property Another Victim Of The Economic Meltdown

    CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Mon. Dec. 8, 2008: The global financial crisis has crushed another Caribbean tourism project, this time the Royal Oasis resort project in the Bahamas.

    Harcourt Developments of Dublin has told the Hubert Ingraham government that it will be putting the €250 million resort redevelopment on hold because of the financial crisis.

    `The Harcourt Group has now told us that they have been affected by the financial crisis and they are not going to be able to proceed as they expected,` Ingraham said in a statement in the Sunday Business Post of Ireland. ‘‘They sent my office a number of drawings and renditions as to what they are proposing to do when they are in a position financially to do so.`

    Harcourt Developments completed the purchase of the Royal Oasis resort, a 427-acre property on Grand Bahama, last November, and the Irish firm committed to a €250 million redevelopment plan.
    This was set to include a 650-bedroom hotel, a casino, restaurants, a mall and convention centre and two golf courses while Foxwood Development Company was signed to manage the hotel and casino.

    The Royal Oasis closed four years ago and Harcourt reached a deal with the state to buy the property.

    The news comes as the Caribbean region experiences a decline in tourists, with projects in the DR and the Turks and Caicos grounding to a halt and top resorts cutting jobs.
    Experts predict a decline in the GDP growth of Caribbean countries dependent on the U.S. for tourism and remittances.

    Meanwhile, in tourism related news, the Caribbean Tourist Organisation has appointed Carol Hay as UK and European marketing director. Hays was previously UK director of tourism for Antigua and Barbuda and was involved with the response to the murder of a British honeymooning couple on the island earlier this year.

    She replaces Julia Hendry in the post.

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