Where is National Health Insurance?


The dialysis crisis led by the MEDICAL CARTEL in THE BAHAMAS! We pay doctors MILLIONS TO KEEP PEOPLE ON DIALYSIS! WHY???!

Dear BP,

As I read this press release from the PHA I cannot help but wonder if we are going down the right road with respect to those receiving dialysis treatment in our Country. Why is it that we are not exploring more kidney transplants for those who are good candidates for this life-saving operation?

Could it be that the medical cartel in our country would not benefit from transplantation?

The fact is the government of the Bahamas is paying millions of dollars on a yearly basis to these private clinics to provide dialysis services to the public.

If some of those patients who are suitable candidates were given the life-saving transplant, the government would save millions of dollars over the long run. 

The Bahamas already has a transplant center we are a part of at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital transplant center. On occasion, if I am not mistaken, they have also come to the Bahamas to harvest organs for transplants right down to corneas. Also how many suitable candidates are encouraged to go on the transplant list at Jackson Memorial ?? 

These are questions that must be addressed if we hope to cut the cost of Healthcare in the Bahamas. Please do not say that the cost is too much because, if you do the simple math,  you would find that the millions of dollars you pay these private dialysis centers would be more than sufficient to provide a minimum of 10 transplants per year.

Where is National Health Insurance?  This present government is the government of NHI, so let’s be wise and implement this initiative so that everyone will have access to proper health care.

It’s much more important to implement NHI than to build a new Parliament!


Shut Eye ain’t Sleep