Heather Hunt – Duane Sands Cousin – double dipping as DRA lawyer and contractor!


Husband and wife were Bonnie and Clyde of the DRA under Minnis collecting $300,000 a month!

DUANE Sands cousin Heather and husband Dario Hunt.

NASSAU| Former Free National Movement Senator Heather Hunt was hired as the lawyer for the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) and received a six-figure DRA contract under the Minnis Administration, according to documents obtained by the Gallery.

Hunt, who was appointed to the Senate after she failed to win the Marathon seat as a FNM candidate in the 2012 General Election, was paid $300,000 a month by the DRA to clean up the Treasure Cay Dump Site.

She also collected legal fees as the authority’s lawyer – a clear case of double-dipping.

Hunt received her last check from the DRA in December 2021, according to documents.

Hunt, an attorney by profession, had no qualifications to obtain the lucrative clean-up contract, which would’ve been a huge boost for qualified Abaco businesses struggling to get back on their feet in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which devastated Abaco in September 2019.

Not only was she unsuitable for the job, Hunt failed miserably at it.

When newly appointed members of the DRA visited the dump site, they met a mountain of debris, one worker on-site and a broken down tractor.

It was blatantly obvious that the site was not being properly managed while Hunt remained on New Providence pocketing taxpayers’ money.

While storm survivors fled to other islands and slept in moldy domes and trailers set up one year too late by the government, Hunt was laughing all the way to the bank with two monthly checks from the DRA.

It was a slap in the face to Bahamians who took then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis at his word when he vowed to govern differently and stamp up corruption and cronyism.

Following the FNM’s 2012 election defeat, Hunt worked as an attorney in the law office of Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. However, business clearly wasn’t good for the 40-year-old attorney who benefited from FNM contracts.