While citizens were on lines looking for plastic rice and lockdown in the pandemic… Minnis FNM donor Ed Curling was paid $410,000 a month to manage dump…


Minnis claims he is running again to look after the poor! Well wait!

Ed Curling the Garbage Man!

NASSAU| The Davis Administration has canceled an outrageous contract the Minnis Administration awarded to Free National Movement donor Ed “Tycoon” Curling to manage a Grand Bahama dump site in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Curling has donated millions of dollars to the FNM’s election campaign over the years as well as the campaign of rejected North Abaco MP Darren Henfield.

Under Disaster Reconstruction Authority Managing Director Kay Forbes-Smith, Curling was paid $410,000 a month to manage the site in East Grand Bahama.

However, when the Gallery visited the site, we discovered nothing had been done.

While residents of Grand Bahama and the surrounding cays fended for themselves and relied on non-governmental organizations like the Rotary Club and CORE to rebuild, the affluent Curling was cashing $410,000 checks every month.

Curly received his last pay check under Forbes-Smith on September 21, 2021, according to documents seen by the Gallery.

Eight days later, Forbes-Smith was sent packing by the new government.

The DRA has refused to make further payments for management of the site.

Photos show mountains of debris, old and discarded appliances as well as over a dozen rusty derelict vehicles.