Where is the evidence the Government ever purchase any dash or body cams, as Marvin Dames told Parliament one year ago?

Body cams
Marvin Dames

NASSAU| Last year Minister of National Security Marvin Dames told Parliament a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the procurement of 200 body-worn and 200 dash cameras to be used by the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) was issued.

Dames said Cabinet had also approved AE Tactical and its partner, Axon, as the provider for this new technology in the amount of $693,853.

“The contract is being finalized. We expect to sign within a few weeks,” Dames told parliamentarians while giving his contribution to the June 2019/2020 Budget Debate last year.

By January 2020 Marvin Dames told the press police officers will be wearing body cameras within the next three to four months.

Following the shooting death of three men by police over the weekend questions over body and dash cams have again surfaced. BP wants the Minister to produce the evidence that he has indeed purchased one body cam for the police!

We also want the Minister to produce the evidence and lay on the table of Parliament proof of the purchase of the $17 million drone system of the people of the Bahamas!

And if you thought that was all, the Minister should advise and show evidence to Parliament of the effectiveness and where its $1.9 million Shotspotter programme has prevented or intercepted one single shooting incident in the country since its purchase and installation in the country! The Minister should detail how far spread across New Providence the system is!

Is the Shotspotter System really available and effective on the capital island? Has any extension of the system been provided to the island of Grand Bahama where gun crimes have increased? 

Who is the contractor for the system and when will the Bahamian people be advised on its effectiveness! WE DEMAND TRUTH!

Lay the evidence of all these on the floor of Parliament! Until we see these contracts and or agreement we believe they are all lies!

We ga keep reporting and let yinner decide!