Where is the promised CRIME APP promised by Marvin Dames for citizens?

PM Minnis and his National Security Marvin Dames.

Nassau – Back in June last year, as Marvin Dames attempted to deflect news of murders and police shootings in the country, the Minister of National Security made a bold announcement that a new mobile application presently under development by the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) was about to rollout.

Dames added that the app, which was then in its testing phase, would allow residents to report crimes anonymously.

Police, Public, Private Partnership or P3TIPS, according to Marvin Dames, was expected to strengthen the partnership between officers and the public and added that the online platform will allow all citizens the ability to do their part.

Well, after the Commissioner of Police presented his Crime Report to the nation this week, nothing was mentioned of the app. In fact, no app has been developed, according to our sources, and, well, the report of one must have been a mistake or a distraction.

Back in June it was promised that, when fully developed, the app would be available for download in both the Apple and Google Play Stores. It was also noted that citizens can send pictures and videos of a crime in progress to the police through the application.

The public has yet to know who got a contract to develop the app. What was the dollar value and when it will be implemented?

Anyway – we at BP are still waiting to see if this will develop or whether his is just another boldfaced lie to deflect from the reality.

We report yinner decide!